Russian companies need to commit to clean drains

Supervisors should move from fines for dirty drains to control voluntary plans polluters to improve sewage treatment, told reporters CEO SUE "Vodokanal" Felix Karmazinov at a press conference on the opening of water technologies "EcwaTech."

"The position of the St. Petersburg water utility as a whole is this: when we arrived at the company, took samples, put sanctions — is unlikely that we will achieve clean water, we have to get away from the control of spontaneous voluntary declaration to reduce waste," — said Karmazin.

According to him, polluting enterprises should establish a program to reduce pollution runoff and then stick to it. In this case, the supervisor monitors the implementation of the plan, and in case of default applies stringent sanctions.

"Now sinks growing like an avalanche. Even the most sophisticated treatment facilities can not cope with it. Resources Self-cleaning by lakes and rivers are also finite. Example, now we can see how much worse the water quality in Lake Ladoga, though traditionally it was a very clean pool. Only water utility can not solve this problem, "- said Karmazin.

To the head of water utility maintains one of the largest Russian private operators in the utilities of "Eurasian".

According to CEO Eugene Kozmina, that voluntary plans to reduce pollution runoff will modernize water utilities.

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