Russian scientists have predicted a new ice age in 2014

The most likely scenario for the end of the world is not global warming, but rather an offensive extreme cold, which can occur as early as 2014, wrote Meteoweb referring to the chief of department of space studies at Pulkovo Observatory RAS Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Habibullo Abdusamatova.

According to him, two years over the earth will be a sharp temperature drop. New ice age will last for at least two centuries, says Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, reports ""
Abdusamatov sure that the peak of the new global glaciation would have on 2055. Interestingly, the proponents of global warming theory say: this is the year, our planet, on the contrary, "boil like a pot, which is not removed in time from the fire."

According to the scientist, the Earth has cooled since 1990. Over the previous century, the planet has absorbed enough solar heat and is slowly but surely getting cold.

Strangely enough, but only for AD people watched the ice ages than one or two times. Russian scientists projected prolonged cold snap will be the fifth "little ice age" in the last nine centuries. These climatic events were recorded XIII, XV, XVII and XIX centuries.

Abdusamatov warns that ice age called the small, it does not mean that it will be noticed. Typically, each accompanied by a cooling cycle epidemics, crop failures and, consequently, the mass migration of peoples, he says.

Habibullo Abdusamatov manages the project "astrometry", in which studies the behavior of the Sun. Active star depends on its diameter, which is the value of variable. From it, in turn, depends on the power of the solar radiation that affects the Earth's temperature. Studying the frequency of changes in solar activity, you can draw conclusions about the future of global warming and cooling.Source:

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