Russians do not come chain letter


28.11.12.Sovet Federation approved November 28 amendments to pension legislation, according to which the FIU will no longer send letters to citizens with information about the status of their retirement account, the so-called "chain letters." This will allow the pension fund to save 3 billion a year. That's how much money was spent on sending letters.

About to stop sending citizens "chain letters," speak for six months. Such an initiative put forward himself Pension Fund. And no wonder, because it will save 3 billion each year spent on alert 80 million citizens about their retirement accounts. Of simple mathematical calculations we can see that one letter out 37.5 rubles. A majority of the letters simply do not reach their destination and return.

Now find out the state of your retirement account can be a portal or contact FIU. Several research centers have conducted a survey among the population on how citizens relate to the cancellation letters. Interestingly, almost half of Russians (41%) opposed the abolition of "chain letters", because not all people know how to use online resources. A self-refer to the RPF will not every time. Ironically, most of the opponents of the initiative was among young people up to 24 years (44%), and least of all — among respondents aged 35 to 44 years (37%).

A third of the respondents (33%), however, supports the initiative to abolish the mailing of the RPF. They refer to save paper and reduce mailing costs. Difficult to uniquely express their attitude towards the abolition of "chain letters," over a quarter of respondents (26%).

This is not the first time that the State intends to save on paper. Now there is an active campaign of citizens to pay utility bills online, which will save on mailing receipts are 2 billion.

material: Inna Grigorieva

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