Ryazan region killed fish


3.03.11.Moroznaya snowy winter turned the death of carp, pike and perch in many small ponds and lakes of the region. Alekanovo residents raised the alarm among the first, according to Ren-Ryazan. The fishermen, who are always happy to come sit on their lake with a fishing rod, noticed that all the bottom of the reservoir of choking white water fish. She is dying from lack of oxygen. As they say, the lake "burns", and they say — "Zamor". So that one might not catch fish, but to save.

Several people with fishing poles did not give up the hope to bring home at least one catch. They agree on any, even small, fish. Although it understands that it is "burning" reservoirs die first. A lot of it lying around holes! Darwin's Law in action: the fittest survive.

This happens almost every winter, but this year the lives of the inhabitants of small reservoirs are complicated and abnormally hot summer. The water level at the end of the season was as low as possible, so the living space of fish declined. In winter the water is frozen and the top has a meter, and oxygen in the cold season the water flows only in the interaction of the two media — air and water. Fish begin to suffocate.

Earlier hole and lanes around the lake the locals do, but now there is no one to do this. Always live in Alekanovo few people. Fishermen also more concerned about their own interests. All wells — in one part of the lake, where the bite.

Solution could be to create a "blue patrol": were in Soviet times such groups that united volunteer monitors the state of water bodies. If the oxygen content in the water was critically low, they took over the lanes and cutting the hole. Now the "burning" of the lake often attract only want to profit.

Constantine Stepahin, Senior Inspector of the territorial department of the Ryazan 'Rosrybolovstva: "The poachers know where the fish kills. Bring nets, spears and cause harm to the fish. "

The consequences of such fishing is much worse than the death of fish from a lack of oxygen. Seine catch fry spears maim all fish and large and small. In nature is natural selection: survivor in "burning" lake fish is sure to give a stronger and more numerous offspring.

Who is in the "off" 80 percent of small ponds and lakes. But the last "fire water" remains long. The situation will change as soon as the street gets warmer, and the ice begins to melt. Since the beginning of flood waters added a new fish.

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