Sandstorm in Pakistan

A strong sandstorm hit many coastal districts of Sindh and Balochistan. Visibility on the road is no more than 200 meters in some places it dropped to 50 meters. The difficulties experienced with landing aircraft on international and domestic routes from several South-Pakistani airports (Sukkur, Nawabshah, Quetta and Gavadar). Many of them just turns around and flew back or landing at airports in other counties. For reasons of security at the airport in Karachi to improved weather conditions, thousands of passengers have been detained by public and private airlines.

Satellite image of sand over Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A layer of sand almost completely hiding the shape of the continent.
Powerful wind speed reaches 70 km / h, the storm knocked down many trees, billboards, and the pillars supporting the harness. Hundreds of people were left without electricity, debris on roads impeded the normal functioning avtodvizheniya. Reported two deaths that occurred in the port of Karachi through contact with broken electric cables. Many people were injured by fallen debris on them collapsing roofs and walls of houses. Storm had a negative impact on the state of the gardens where they grow persimmon and mango, and nearly ripe wheat crop.

Forecasters said the storm, wrapped in dense shroud south of Pakistan, came from Iran and may be delayed for 12 hours, or even daily. Low pressure zone over Pakistan and humidity levels, which fell on the eve of up to 65%, attracted the northwestern Iranian wind lifted a large amount of sand in the air. The temperature dropped drastically.

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