Saratov Region: Nest relic kites. Video


Release date: 03/09/2011
Country: Russia
Genre: Documentary, investigation
Duration: 00:41:40. In this issue:
Why is land out from under his feet, and that the sounds constantly hear the locals?
What secrets hide Kudiyarova cave and is it true that there is — the fiery serpent's den?

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5.09.11.Na channel "NTV" out program on giant zmeechervyam who allegedly lived, and more importantly, can and presently live in the Saratov region.

Scientists say that the diameter of these creatures can reach up to 2 meters.

The authors of the "Mysterious Russia" told that the underground establishment attract lightning. TV correspondents federal met with villagers Loch, who said that their locality (where might dwell giant worms) are often accompanied by severe thunderstorms electrical discharges.

According to legend zmeechervi have killed ancient Uvek.

Source: SarInform

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