Schoolgirl in Texas was suspended from school for refusing to wear RFID



23.11.12.V Texas erupted scandal with a pilot project of the Ministry of Education under the name Student Locator, which is being tested in two schools in San Antonio. The project involves tracking students through RFID tags (RFID), which are automatically registered at the entrance to the school.

Most of the parents and the administration of technical innovation pleased to now always know what time the child has come and gone. You can configure the SMS notification for each input / output child from school. It is said that attendance has increased significantly, especially since the school put on 200 surveillance cameras.

However, not all parents are happy with innovation. There were activists who staged a protest against the "illegal surveillance of the children," they invited television and press coverage achieved. Now the scandal came to national level. Users of the site Reddit also protest: They say that such surveillance program, you must first try to politicians. It was only after a couple of years of successful testing, if there is no objection, may be extended to children.

RFID-badges were positioned as a voluntary, but school authorities gradually began to introduce restrictions on the few "renegades" who refused to wear them. First install the entrance to the school library for ID, then the vote on school elections only ID. In the end, there was only one girl refusenik. A few days ago, the school pushed her from school for refusing to wear the RFID tag.

Similar programs for the automatic integration of students have already experienced in California and Texas, the same, including a primary school and pre-school classes. Obviously, at this young age students are still unable to protest. Unlike preschoolers, Andrea Hernandez (Andrea Hernandez) is studying in the second year of the Academy of Science and Engineering at John Jay High School, and is able to fend for themselves. She refused to wear RFID for religious reasons, as a Christian, and said bar code and numbering people act of Satan. In many interviews, she explained that these numbers — the so-called mark of the Beast. In addition, the illegal invasion of privacy and violation of human rights.

The Department of Education Northside Independent School District (NISD) has invested in a pilot Student Locator half a million dollars, and, of course, is not going to change the program because of one senior pupils. Girl strongly recommend to transfer to another school.

Wired magazine wrote that the case of Andrea Hernandez went to court — and yesterday he lifted the ban on pre-school attendance without RFID, pending further proceedings.

However, such projects will certainly continue to deploy throughout the country. Human rights activists are concerned that the authorities are accustom the population to constant surveillance from an early age.

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