Science survive. We select the arsenal svinchatka, bludgeon, kubotan? ..

Life today has gone terrible. How to turn on the telly — a solid criminal Chronicle. Very no desire to one day become a victim kakih-nibud thugs. To be able to protect themselves and loved ones, we have to think about buying guns for self-defense. If 're already thinking — this information to you. Means we will arm themselves.

"The right to have the necessary defenses to all persons equally, regardless of their professor or other special training and service provision. This right belongs to the person regardless of ability to avoid a socially insecure attacks or seek the assistance of other persons or authorities. The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Article 37, paragraph 2. "

"Fear is inhuman. He points out that is one or the other person: not what he wants, but what he really is. "

Fpidpih Hitsshe

Science survive: the choice weapon for self-defense

In January 2010, the Russian Federation has recorded 345.6 thousand crimes. Almost half of all reported crimes are stealing other people's property, committed by: theft — 156.9 thousand, robbery — 45.3 thousand, robbery — 6.1 thousand Every second theft, robbery seventeenth each and every thirteenth robbery were associated with illegal penetration into dwelling, premises or other storage.

Here's a fascinating statistic. This means that from now rampant crime in Russia is not protected by anybody, neither the minister nor the student or trader in the market. As you know, the rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning. Means we will arm themselves.

First and foremost tool — is you. If you are psychologically ready for self-defense, rather trained, possess abilities melee, the tool for you may not be useful. In the unlikely event evaluated the ability of his own pocket and carefully study the subsequent list.

Brass knuckles, svinchatka, bludgeon, telescopic baton

Despite the efficiency of the implementation in the melee, it is better to throw cinematic scum. If you decide to wear a little thing similar in the pocket, then be ready for trouble with the police. Cool gun shock-crushing acts in our country is prohibited for circulation and use.

For the same reason you are, unfortunately, you can not use another very fascinating instrument — namely, telescopic baton. Imagine three or four rail sector width of a finger, connected on the principle of the antenna from the radio. Usually placed at the tip of an iron ball. In the folded state, such baton No longer pens. And on the backswing and it instantly expanded in experienced hands, is transformed into a very severe gun. This very reliable means of self-defense, but a good citizen can not have it. But to run into an offender armed with a telescopic baton, you can. This phenomenon of life.


Yet there is one thing Stealther, but she asks for a special approach. In 1977, the U.S. Master Takayuki Kubota, founder of his own style of karate, invented kubotan — very common, but effective means of self-defense.

Kubotan, or as it is also referred to as "small baton" — a small core of plastic, metal or rubber up to 150 mm and a diameter of 15-20 mm, the surface of which are circular ridges or grooves for the fingers. It is designed to attack and points up for grabs. Kubotan often use as a key ring. In such a composition can be applied kubotanom very sensitive bonder, and keys — intersecting strokes on the open parts of the body of the enemy.

In some countries, and we have including law enforcement agencies are looking at a rather oblique kubotan, almost equating it to the cool weapons. But even find some pretty thick marker or pen — that's for you and "kubotan." The trick is that the role of kubotana can act on first glance quite peaceful things.

For example, a flashlight MiniMAG world famous company MAGlite. He has a strong body and duralumin, other than its own direct liability, it may be a good help in a street conflict. Buy it is not the problem in any large superstore or specialty stores. Price at 600-700 rubles.

By the way, pay attention to the lights MAGlite series D and C — specifically, they are used instead of the South American police batons.

If you esthete, and you want a real brand kubotan, but not looking for problems with the law, then you specifically Streamlight company has released a useful piece or as an accessory read more accepted under the title BatonLite.

Very successful symbiosis flashlight and kubotana. And here, what is called, not carp. For the ministers of law and order in your pocket flashlight for Gopnik — kubotan. True to buy in Russia BatonLite problem have to write from abroad. Prepare in advance of approximately $ 150

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