Scientist linked the mass death of fish to the earthquake in Japan

Mass death of fish off the coast of California was a harbinger of the earthquake in Japan, said the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Director of Scientific Center of Seismology at the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Ikram Kerimov."Before the devastating earthquake in Japan marked the mass death of sardines off the coast of California, and stranded marine animals. Such mass mortality of marine life caused by earthquakes occurring marine or processes for their preparation, "- wrote Azerbaijani scientist in an open letter to the Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan.

According to him, some of the effects caused by these ranges of acoustic waves in the marine environment are detrimental to marine life, causing them to die or beaching. "Before the earthquake in Japan's recorded and the first and second," — said Kerimov, according to ITAR-TASS.

The scientist, who from 1985 to 1992, led by a special program of the former Soviet Union to create an Earth-space geophysical system, and later he was an expert on NATO Office of Ecology and Environment, said that the "catastrophic events once again confirm the need for a global system of earthquake prediction ".

According to the newspaper VIEW, case of mass death of fish was marked
March 9 off the coast of Southern California. The waters of a small harbor in Redondo Beach on the south-west of the city of Los Angeles filled carcasses of dead sardines, whose number was estimated at 1 million. In this examination of sea water samples did not detect the presence of
I chemical or toxic substances in life-threatening concentrations of fish.

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