Scientists argue that it will spoil the weather in Australia

Australia Weather Service experts predict that La Niña, have an impact on the climate of the Green Continent in the past two years, may soon give way to another phenomenon — El Nino.

That is the conclusion of scientists summarize climate models. "No one can say that these models are 100 percent accurate, but they show that in recent weeks, the likelihood of El Niño is very high," — said the expert on climate forecasting the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Andrew Watkins. Why is this issue so important to Australians?

The fact that El Niño brings its own set of climatic anomalies. Typically, this is severe droughts in the region — from Australia to Indonesia, and the powerful winter storms in the western U.S.. The World Meteorological Organization refers to this finding cautiously. According to them, a significant change in water temperature in the tropical Pacific is not expected. Australians are adamant.

In defense of their climate models they cite data from satellite observations show that in the eastern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru, the water temperature is higher than normal for several weeks, and that this heat is already spreading to the north, to the coast of Central America, and to the west — to the Pacific Ocean. It is important that in this dispute specialists winners were residents of Australia, Southeast Asia and South America, the timely knowledge of natural disasters.


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