Scientists find planet similar to Earth

Astronomer first time found a planetary system, called "Kepler-11". It has a minimum of six planets that have a mass and diameter, close to the earth. This leads us to expect in the near future discovery of the planet, similar to Earth and is suitable for the existence of life on it, the scientists reported in the article, published in the journal Nature.

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Scientists have found a planetary system, which is very much similar to our solar planetary systems. The system "Kepler-11" is a few thousand light-years from Earth and contains six planets with approximate radius of two to four Earth radii. The five most closest to the star of the planets with masses ranging from two to thirteen Earth masses are turning a short distance from the star — from 0.1 to 0.4 the radius of rotation of the Earth around the Sun.

This important discovery was made using a telescope "Kepler". It is specifically designed to search for such planets are similar to Earth. This telescope launched into its orbit in March 2009. There he oversees the areas of space, comprising the constellation of Cygnus and Lyra. According to scientists, this area contains a large number of stars similar to the Sun, and are close to the Earth.

Observing the precision of change of force glow 150,000 stars, telescope "Kepler" has allowed to find those where changes in the power of the luminosity due to the fact that the planets against the backdrop of stars. Analysis of these data help determine various parameters of the planet.

Scientists have found many planetary systems, but only one of them had more than three planets that rotate against the stellar disk. Originality "Kepler-11" is that the astronomers were able to calculate not only the size but also the weight 5 of 6 planets found by the impact that they have on each other.

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