Scientists frightening speed with which the sea rises

Due to the melting of glaciers at both poles of the water level in the ocean by the end of this century should rise significantly — up to 140 cm above the current one. , Says a new study from the National environmental research center the U.S..

This forecast is higher than the expected increase is still three times.

The last time this forecast is voiced five years ago. Then the scientists suggested that global sea levels will rise by 18-59 cm

According to new research, by 2030, the water level will rise by 23 cm, and in the next 20 years — for another 18-42 cm These data, according to researchers, making even less predictable the consequences of melting glaciers.

The study was commissioned by the authorities of California, Washington and Oregon to try to prepare for the impact of ocean to the United States. According to researchers, most strongly influenced undergo southern California, low relative to the northern part of the state, and the states of Washington and Oregon.


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