Scientists have discovered that Hong Kong is on supervolcanoes

Central Hong Kong is one of the oldest in the world of volcanoes that erupted more than 140 million years ago. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the Department of Engineering Geology.

Moreover, researchers have attributed it to the so-called supervolcanoes, the eruption of which could lead to some disaster of global proportions. For example, the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Denise Tan, Geologist: "The Centre of Hong Kong literally stands on a very old volcano, but people should not worry because the volcano is erupting again waned and will not."

As expected, he is released into the atmosphere in 1300 cubic kilometers of ash that has cooled and turned to stone. And even after 140 million years in the sea you can see its remains that of the quench and compression adopted such an unusual shape.

Syuel Rodrik, a geologist, "It is the first documented example of an ancient supervolcano in the southeast of China. But we expect that this region will be found and other hitherto unknown examples. "

According to scientists, the last supervolcano eruption happened on the planet in New Zealand 27 000 years ago. It led to the formation of Lake Taupo. Then released into the atmosphere almost 1200 cubic kilometers of ash.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television


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