Scientists have discovered the Earth climate swings

Climate changes in the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth forms a kind of "climate swings" — warming in the north leads to a cooling in the south and vice versa, due to the change in the circulation of water in the Atlantic Ocean, they said the study published in the journal Nature.

As established by the authors, researchers from the UK, Germany, France and the U.S., a sharp drop in temperature in the northern hemisphere during the last glacial period (100-15 thousand years ago), accompanied by a simultaneous warming in the southern hemisphere. Scientists have found out this fact, analyzing the isotopic composition of sedimentary rocks Atlantic.

"The most simple and intuitive explanation for this phenomenon is that the weakening of the circulation of water in the Atlantic Ocean weakens the flow of heat from equatorial regions to the north. Because of this more heat gets the southern hemisphere "- believes one of the authors, Stephen Baker (Stephen Barker), quoted by the press service of Cardiff University.

The researchers hope that their work will help to better predict the effects of global climate change caused by industrial greenhouse emissions.


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