Scientists have filmed an unusual solar flare

Astrophysics videotape unusual flares. This was reported on There you can see the video releases made in several regions of the spectrum, as well as views of the flash from a distance.

The flash is rated M2 — to indicate the degree of power bursts, scientists use an alphanumeric code. The letters indicate the five classes of power (from weak to strong) — A, B, C, M and X, — a number determine the gradation within the class. Thus, the outbreak occurred is relatively low (for example, in March 2011 there was an outbreak capacity X1.5).

An unusual event occurred does emitting large amounts of matter. In the video show how relatively cool (about 80,000 Kelvin) matter falls back to the sun, disturbing the crown with a temperature of about 1.5 million degrees Kelvin. Center for Space Weather U.S. National Weather Service predicts that, due to the flash, it is expected a small geomagnetic storm. project is used to monitor the Sun data from the device Solar Dynamics Observatory. Launched in December 2010, the probe is for five years. The machine rotates around the Earth in geosynchronous orbit — that is, the period of the satellite around the planet is equal to the natural period of the Earth's rotation.


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