Scientists have shown how the Earth will perish

American astronomers, using a telescope Hubble, was able to see the cosmic cataclysm, similar to that which one can destroy the planet Earth, writes The Daily Mail.

The scientists were able to observe how the flash on the star leads to the fact that the planet's surface begins to literally "blow back" atmosphere.

According to scientists, the planet HD 189733b, for which the observations were made, had a blue sky, but at this its similarity to Earth ended.

Being a huge gas giant, it is more like Jupiter, and yet is very close to its star, just 1/30 of the distance from Earth to the sun, causing the Earth's climate is heated to thousands of degrees Celsius, and the upper layer of the atmosphere is constantly subjected to strong UV and X-rays.

All this makes HD 189733b ideal candidate to study the effect of the stars in the planet's atmosphere.
Study of the exoplanet, indeed, being a long time ago, but only in 2011, scientists were able to capture the dramatic change — a pillar of gas is blown away from the planet at a rate of not less than 1,000 tons per second.

In this case, according to the astronomers, despite the heat of the planet, the atmosphere is not so much red-hot to evaporate in such quantities.

"We do not just have confirmed that some of the atmosphere of planets evaporate, we watched the changes over time in the physical conditions of the evaporating atmosphere. No one did that before, "- explained astronomer Alain Alain de Lekaveler Etang, under whose direction the study took place.

Apparently, strong evaporation was caused by the intense X-ray and ultraviolet radiation of the star, which revolves around HD 189733b, — it is about 20 times greater than solar.

So, in just a few hours before the start of the evaporation of the atmosphere on the star exoplanet was detected strong flash, from which she was 4 times brighter.

"It was the brightest X-ray flash with HD 189733A, which we observed to date, it is likely that this is the flash evaporation provoked the world, captured in a few hours Hubble», — said astronomer Peter Wheatley of the University of Warwick.

Similar processes, although less intense, and occur in the Earth's atmosphere, the researchers note. Thus, the recent opening of the script can seriously consider the destruction of humanity from the flash in the sun.

Earlier Glavredalso reported that the experts NASA
came to the conclusion that the Milky Way is inevitable crash into the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. After universal catastrophe both galaxies will cease to exist. More precisely, unite and form one — a new one. True, up to this point there are still a few billion years


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