Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the tragedy in Krymsk by images from the ISS

Specialists have found a clue in a detailed study of images taken from Earth orbit — from the International Space Station. This in an exclusive interview to "Trud" said Leo Décines yesterday, one of the prominent Russian scientists in the field of study (including the use of satellite images) of the surface of our planet: mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, deserts, seas, oceans, rivers, forests …

More than 30 years ago, he headed the laboratory of remote sensing of Earth Sciences Institute of Geography. And since then, all pictures taken from the ISS by our astronauts come first in the laboratory. About a quarter of a million images have been through Desinova computer, which has a reputation of top class. In 2002, the Mont was, in fact, the only scientist who disagreed with the findings of the Russian colleagues and invited foreign experts on the causes of the deadly collapse of the Kolka Glacier in Karmadon Gorge. And to prove his innocence.

All last week Décines studied satellite images, analyzing the circumstances that led to the recent tragedy in southern Russia.

— Look here — says Lev V., showing great photo. — In the photo, transmitted to the ISS is visible Krymsk. The photo distinguishable parts measuring 2 meters or more. It destroyed homes, but the street, area: At our request, under the "Hurricane", undertaken by the Institute of Geography in conjunction with RSC "Energia" and NPP "Progress", the astronauts will be recording Krymsk and around soon after the accident, namely 9, July 10 and 11. Handed 144 detailed photos and review the district. We have used 34. The rest will analyze in the coming days. But the overall picture is clear.

— Object held in the case of monitoring — the hydrological basin Adagum on which banks and located Krymsk. Pool, as you see, in the south-west of the city and occupies a considerable area on the northern slope Markothskogo ridge in the western part of the Greater Caucasus. To Novorossiysk only 30 kilometers away.

After heavy rains, the river formed Adagum often flood. 8-aprelya2011 UNEG caused considerable destruction highway A-146. Now on to the tragic events of a week ago. By the evening of July 6, 2012 in Krymsk 65 millimeters of rain fell. They exceeded the rate of absorption into the soil. On the night of 6-7-rut esilny rain added another 156 millimeters. It is estimated that the volume of water that has come down to the Crimean, was about 50 million cubic meters. Satellite imagery is visible next flood that swept down the river Neberdzhay, which merges with another river — Bakankoy forms mentioned earlier Adagum.

However, the flood, as I mentioned, has not caused major damage. There were many conversations about Krymsk Neberdzhayskom reservoir. Showing a picture taken from space: the reservoir is filled with water that reaches the edge of the dam. But the dam has not been damaged. And other reservoirs also withstood the onslaught of the elements.

But in the valley Bakanka floods caused destruction.

We are interested in Krymsk. On the way to his flood waters met the first serious obstacle — the railway embankment and bridge. To the city from here — 2.2 kilometers. For rushing water gap remained between the supports of the bridge — 30 meters. It would seem that a lot. But when a rushing stream, filled with branches, trees, stones, the width of the gate is not enough. Opening quickly filled garbage, creating something like a dam. In the end, increase in volume flow broke the barrier and flood crest reached on July 6 to 22 hours 30 minutes to the city. But it has not yet caused serious damage.

However, rainfall has increased to 23 hours, and the new mass of water rushed to the city. Railway embankment again become an obstacle to the raging stream. The same thing happened. This significantly worsened the situation, but not the main reason for the disaster.

On the southern outskirts of Krymsk route A-146 perpendicular to the river and across the highway Adagum departs. Its height above the level of the river — about 7 meters. This is where the critical moment. Road for 800 meters actually formed a dam. Gates for the passage of water were as high — 80 meters, but this wide opening was clogged with debris, large and small, and in the end was completely blocked.

Formed dam delayed raging stream, the water rose higher and higher. Before the tragedy had nothing at all.

When a huge amount of water broke spontaneously formed dams gigantskaya7-metrovayavolna (remember: 7 meters — the height of the highway above the river level) rushed to the city and flooded it. Width madly rushing shaft over 800 meters.

The flood covered more than half the area Crimea. That's about 3 am on July 7 in the city and a catastrophic flood.

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