Scientists on the Mediterranean fall tsunami

Mediterranean countries, including Egypt, in the next three years, waiting for the devastating tsunami. With such a warning by the group of Egyptian and Italian scientists.

According to them, in the area of the three islands — Cyprus, Rhodes and Crete — a violent earthquake, followed by a threat of a tsunami, and eventually the coastal cities will fall multimeter waves, washing away on the way the whole town.

According to Professor Ahmed Ali Badu, a specialist in the study of seismic processes in Cairo Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, in the course of studying the history of earthquakes in the world over the past 4000 years, experts have concluded that Egypt in 21 was damaged by the tsunami, triggered by tremors. Only in the XX century in the country from 52 aftershocks were felt earthquake with the epicenter in the sea.

Conclusions of scientists has tabled the Government of Egypt. Will soon be convened for an emergency meeting of Crisis Center, ITAR-TASS reported.


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