Secret Society Benandanti — Werewolves and shamans in the service of Christ

Benandanti — A secret society, which appeared in the distant antiquity, but is widespread in medieval Italy. The members of the society had the ability to leave their bodies and pereoblachatsya in animals, including wolves. They persecuted the church almost 500 years out of sight to the 1998 re-make themselves …


Werewolves — servants of Satan, people have argued for centuries. But it turns out this is not entirely true. In any case, you can not say about the benandanti (translated from Italian, it means "going to the good work") — followers of an ancient cult that flourished in Italy until the end of the XVI century. Then they caught the attention of the Inquisition for its nightly ritual battles with sorcerers and witches for the fertility of livestock and crop fields. Benandanti could only be those men and women who were born in a shirt, that is, the rest of the body and head around the inner shell of the fruit. For benandanti this was a special sign of supernatural powers of healing those who suffered damage from the induced wizards, as well as the ability to recognize witches.

That is why many benandanti kept their shirts and wore them as sacred amulets around his neck.
At midnight, they called together the drums, and sometimes, as the story goes, the angels! Gathered together benandanti left their physical bodies, and then their spirits took shape wolves, cats, rabbits, mice and even butterflies. Then they all went to the sacred valley of Jehoshaphat, which fought with the army of witches and wizards, too, were in the guise of spirits.

Benandanti went into battle armed with fennel stalks, known for its medicinal properties. Opposing them as witches fought sorghum shoots (one of the varieties of millet), and looks like the devil's broom to fly on the Sabbath.

Army perfume for a few hours brutally beat one another with these stems. If benandanti won, during the year promised to be abundant harvests. In case of winning dark forces, respectively, on the contrary.

After the end of the "ambulatory" as such were called battle benandanti wandered around the village houses, searching for water to quench their thirst. A prerequisite for benandanti was that before the first cry of a cock all the spirits had to return back to their body. If they were late, or their bodies during the absence of souls found themselves upside down face, the soul with great difficulty could once again return to the body or can not enter into it. In this case, the souls benandanti had to wander the earth as long as their bodies are not the time came to die.


Although the story of the origin of the cult benandanti unknown, his roots, seems to go back to antiquity. The very idea that it is possible to leave the human body and to participate in the battle in the spiritual dimension in the form of an animal, is by nature a typical shaman. Pagan in nature, it is a religious movement by the end of the XVI century has absorbed many elements of Christianity. Now benandanti went to battle with supporters of Satan in the service of Jesus Christ and all his saints.

Benandanti drew the attention of church authorities in 1575, when the priest came to town Brotsano stories about the strange man named Paolo Kasparuggi. He distinguished knowledge of charlatanry and "nights often wandered the roads in the company of witches and goblins." During a confidential conversation Kasparuggi told the priest that he posts in the days of leaving his body, adding that in addition to battles with witches, ghosts benandanti also danced, jumped and rolled — one animal to another. Apparently, the priest above all seemed quite sinister and very much like a witches' sabbath, as it, without further ado, immediately notified all the founding fathers of the Inquisition.

In the next 70 years in Italy took a lot of investigations and judicial processes, dedicated to the cult. Inquisition tribunals have made a lot of effort to tie benandanti with Satanism and to force them to confess to his involvement in witchcraft coven, and that they had to renounce Christ and give their souls to the devil. But all the hard benandanti withdrawn himself from the accusations and even accused of incompetence inquisitors. They strongly insisted on the fact that you can simultaneously be benandanti and regularly attend church, sincerely believe in Jesus Christ and serve him faithfully. Be that as it may, they have to go out to battle with the witches as born in the shirt. Benandanti were initiated into the "fighters against evil" in adulthood and, after serving in this field for 10-15 years, later released from his mission.


In all the stories of the night battles benandanti was one feature that greatly puzzled by the founding fathers of the Inquisition, namely the abandonment of the spirit of the physical body. Church could not accept the idea that the soul can leave the body of a man in life, and then get back into it. It is, according to the dogma, should only do so after death. And the fact that this took shape benandanti animals, convinced the validity of church inquisitors charges: benandanti — werewolves, hiding behind the name of Jesus. And directs their actions, of course, the devil!

It is now easy to talk about astral travel shamans and people with paranormal abilities, and in the XVI century, the Vatican guided strict dogma. As a result, the Inquisition made from benandanti confessions that they had participated in a witch coven, and was followed by a still more serious charges of desecrating crosses, deals with the devil, vampirism, lycanthropy and the renunciation of the Christian faith. Thus, benandanti been turned into some sort of satanic cult. But something strange: more often it was done only in words.

The Catholic Church is not too hard pursued benandanti. Many processes have not been brought to an end; penalties tend to be too soft for a fierce Inquisition. On the one hand, the Inquisition tribunals have made a lot of effort to tie benandanti to Satanism, the other — apparently having understood the essence, the church "cool" to benandanti and become blind to their "pranks" — it was a lot more serious opponents except cranks werewolves.

Probably benandanti survived also because they were disclosed at the time when the witch hysteria in Europe has already begun to face with a skeptical attitude to the problem of many church authorities. And the rituals benandanti so did not fit into the framework of the representation of the activities of Satanists that the church quietly negated his fight with them and left the astral werewolves alone. The last major trial of benandanti took place in 1644. However, the deal was done: in the popular mind benandanti started steadily associated with evil spirits.

MISSION mentally ill

From then until the end of XX century, and more precisely to 1998, about werewolves Christ has not been heard. They re-asserted themselves in a noisy process that took place in the Italian city of Pisa, famous for its leaning tower. Just say, that after the process the defendant was sent to a psychiatric hospital. But it is in the course of this trial with a passionate speech mentioned earlier in this article Jacopo Bassano. Before the trial, the 80-year-old appeared Tjessem — old man with a disfigured face. The accused revealed that he is a werewolf, wolf puts on the mask. He even revealed that his nose was broken sorcerer, who was killed at a time when the blow struck Tjessem.

By the way, it was for the murder and tried an old man. Tjessem has explained his actions. Adrean Cheka (the name of the murdered) and the other evil sorcerers are not allowed to germinate crops, seeds, cereals carried off to hell. Tjessem and other werewolves were trying to protect the crops for which they descended into the underworld and fought with sorcerers. Tjessem and his friends fought fennel shoots and witches broom sticks from a tethered to them ponytails. If werewolves are losing the battle on the ground and lost crop ceased caught fish.
It goes without saying that the judges were deeply shocked by such a story and recognized the old man insane.

But even more shocking their grand-master of Bassano, who told them about benandanti and their modern followers of the "Society of the werewolves of Christ." He explained that, at a time when the world is on the brink of ecological disaster, a large part of humanity still hungry, and the forces of darkness is confidently take possession of the souls of men, benandanti quietly do their work, to the best of solving global problems … He spoke more a few minutes and the result has been removed from the hall and fined for contempt of court. What is done the Grand Master?

He was asked: "Why did not anyone know about werewolves of Christ, if they perform such an important mission?" And Bassano said: "Pig does not know about the stars! And why not? Because she dug in the ground and in the sky does not look! "



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