Secrets of Area 51 will be available to the public September 22, 2012!

Immersed in the extraterrestrial secrets of Area 51, a child of the Smithsonian Museum in Las Vegas has announced a one-day event featuring speakers from the American and British armies. Will feature authentic, according to the staff, alien artifacts, derived from a UFO crash site worldwide.

The National Museum of Nuclear testing event planned for September 22. There you will hear stories of people who encouraged them to write books and conduct their own investigations, both inside and outside the military.

At this meeting, you will be able to see the people who worked with the military and, of course, agree that UFOs exist. Most of these people, I think, will stand up for what UFOs should be investigated, "said Huffington Post Col. John Alexander, one of the invited speakers.

"It will meet a small number of participants, but they all have a high reputation," he added.

By Colonel Alexander joined Col. Bill Coleman of the U.S. Air Force, who had previously participated in the project Blue Book, a former FBI investigation, which handled UFO reports from 1947 to 1969.

Colonel Alexander will be the main speaker.

Also plans to participate in the discussion of Colonel Robert Freund, who was director of Project Blue Book, in which, according to published archival records, reported 701 unidentified observation of 12618 for the years 1947-1969.

At the international level are invited Nick Pope, who worked as an investigator for a UFO in the UK Ministry of Defence, and Colonel Charles Hult, who was deputy base commander Bentvoters, the former base of the British Royal Air Force.

Mr. Pope is expected to talk about how the U.S. and British governments ruled by similar research groups on UFO sightings, and why in the end, all activities on these issues has been discontinued.

Huffington Post In a letter he addressed the motivation of both countries, explaining that research into UFOs were stopped by to get rid of the press to the public.

"In both cases, the result was that we wanted to get rid of Joe Sikspaka. It is necessary to exclude all erroneous observations and weather balloons to stop listening loonies to get something worth attention, "he wrote.

According to the American project, Blue Book, it was discontinued in December 1969 due to the lack of useful results.

They referred to the zero threat to U.S. security in connection with allegations of UFOs, as well as the fact that none of these objects did not have the technology faster today, and was not recognized as an extraterrestrial.

"The trick is to emphasize the unreality of the data that are published in the media, after which the subject no longer be taken seriously, cut off funding, and then run all the secret," wrote Mr. Pope ..

"Now I can not say that this was the case, but if the pilot noticed something unusual, and it is being tracked by military radar, does anyone seriously think that we do not become that interesting?"

The event is held in the museum lecture series on Area 51, and it will feature the original, according to the staff, alien artifacts, derived from a UFO crash site worldwide.



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