Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Battle of the Immortals (Live 31.05.2013)

In 2012, the business magazine «Forbes» has published the list — the richest man in the world. Surprisingly, the Every 2nd billionaire has already changed his 9th decade, despite the fact that the average length of life in their countries rarely exceeds '73!

Nearly a century, they live, basking in luxury and are not going to die, on the contrary — are becoming younger. Who dug up a diamond centenarians — the secret to long life, what are cash Bears, something to get the mysterious recipe — "immortality"? Millions of lives — at risk. Entire cities turned into a training ground for risky and inhumane testing rates in the battle of the "immortals" — unusually high.

— Immortality is achievable?
— What price would have to offer, for longer life?
— Who pays for the inhuman experiments — advanced scientists?
— Why is immortal, trying to hide his fantastic ability?
— Why science again attended to — the creation of a superman?
— What was the true cause of mass death of 19 residents of the Sverdlovsk?
— Who conducts the genocide in Pakistan, under the guise of "charity"?

100,000 people die in the world every day — from old age, the year of 1.2 million people. Resist the unconditional law of nature — it is impossible, he says, "we are all going to die," or not all?


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