Seismologists have assessed the impact of the earthquakes in Turkey to Kazakhstan

Repeated shocks in Turkey, which still occur after the devastating earthquake in Van province, carry no risk to Kazakhstan. This was told by the deputy director of the Institute for Science Seismology Anatoly Lee."The earthquake that occurred in Turkey, a mountainous area, there is periodically shock, it's like our northern Tien Shan, but it is quite another seismic region. On Kazakhstan is not affected, "- said Lee.

According to the scientist, the recent earthquake in Kyrgyzstan, which took place in late October, is already affecting the Almaty region. "Here, for example, what happened this morning, an earthquake in China in 440 kilometers to the east of Almaty, there is another area, it was just pretty powerful" — said Lee.

The specialist noted that in the world there are several seismic zones that are constant earthquakes of varying strength and with seismic activity, such as China, Turkey and Japan, has no effect on the territory of Kazakhstan."Here, for example, the earthquake in Japan affect the Sakhalin and Kamchatka. They come to us, of course, like the earthquake in Turkey, are irrelevant "- summed up Lee.In addition, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Seismology, said that before the end of 2011 at the Almaty region of strong earthquakes with magnitude 5.5 or intensity of 7 points on the MSK-64 is expected. However, he did not rule out the possibility of earthquakes with the power to six points.Recall, October 23, in the province of Van in Turkey a devastating magnitude 7.2 earthquake, in which, at last count, more than 600 people were killed and more than four thousand were injured.

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