Sentry Robot Tral Patrol

Based onunmanned vehicle chassis SRXdeveloped and ready for mass production guarding robot Tral Patrol. Robot solves the problem of street patrol protected areas by automatically moving the camera system. Stopping at pre-selected positions that are optimal for video surveillance, he examines the territory within a radius of 50 meters in order to detect moving objects and people. In the case of detection, video surveillance system leads to a managed object PTZ-camera and transmits the video image to the guard post. 

Patrolling and guarding the perimeter of the robot is carried out continuously, day and night and all weather, the product is always on the street and can at any time to drive up to the alarm zone, interrupting regular cycle patrols. Patency of the electric chassis provides reliable movement robot walking paths in width from 0.9 m to overcome the step up to 14 cm, travel through fresh snow depth of 5 cm The use of electric drive makes it virtually noiseless drive the robot on the protected area.

Depending on the length change patrol object area and the number of viewing positions, a single object can be used as one or several robots. Group patrolling robots protected area based on the principle of mutual displacement bound. This principle allows to eliminate overlapping of observation and to provide continuous monitoring policy directions from different positions.

In some cases, the introduction of robotic objects appropriate to start with a single robot. This will efficiently prepare the infrastructure: road journeys, position monitoring, battery charging stations. Give staff the opportunity to get used to and a solid understanding of the method of application robot. At the same time, in case of the need for enhanced security measures, it is enough to fill up the grouping of robot guards with new products.

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