Serbia filled up with snow up to their knees


24.01.11.Moschny snowfall significantly impede vehicular traffic throughout Serbia. Completely paralyzing him in certain areas.

As ITAR-TASS in the Staff Emergency Interior Ministry to clear the roads of fallen for the day 25-cm layer of snow to use all available resources. By now cleared all traces of national importance, but on secondary roads, the situation remains critical. Many of them are completely inundated with snow, blocked the entrances to many villages, especially in mountain areas. Road services are only starting to clean them.

In Belgrade municipality appealed to the students to help remove snow in the Serbian capital. Volunteers are waiting for the day on one of the central squares of the city, where they will give out the inventory and send clean drifts.

According to meteorologists, in different parts of the country for the last day fell from 15 to 30 centimeters of snow. Traffic Police advise them to not go to their cars in the road unless absolutely necessary.


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