Serbia plans to buy Russian MiG-29M2

Serbia plans to buy Russian MiG-29M2
Serbia is negotiating with Russia on the purchase of eight probable multirole fighters MiG-29M2 for public Air Force.
This ARMS-TASS said a spokesman for the military-industrial complex.

Question about buying Russian technology avitsionnoy open a discussion during the meeting of the Minister of Defence of Serbia Alexander Vucic and Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu in Moscow at a meeting held within the framework of an international conference on European security. The Serbian side informed Sergei Shoigu of intent to acquire 6 to 8 MiG-29 fighters. The deal could be implemented at the expense of credit allocated by Russia Serbia under export agreements and could be part of a bilateral agreement inclusive.

As the weekly «Jane’s Defence Weekly,» deal with Serbia would be to supply the means implemented delivery of the number of aircraft required 24 new MiG-29, first ordered by Syria in 2007. These aircraft without coloring started making taxiing on the ground Flight Research Institute (FRI) in the suburban name MMGromov Zhukovskomv December 2011 but had not been delivered to Syria in connection with the beginning of the development of military conflict.

Serbian Air Force considered several options for the substitution of obsolete fighter aircraft MiG-21bis, including French «Rafale» (Rafale) company «Dassault Aviation» and the Sino-Pakistani fighter «Thunder» JF-17.

Serbia has the experience of operating the MiG-29, although from the available armed with 16 aircraft of this type were only 3 single combat

MiG-29, upgraded by the installation of navigational aids, NATO, and one double combat trainer MiG-29UB. Other aircraft were destroyed during the armed conflict in 1999 or decommissioned to the true time.

MiG-29M2 is an improved model of the MiG-29 made based on the MiG-29KUB developed for the Indian Navy. The single version of the rear cabin of the second pilot fuel tank holds 600 liters. fuel. From maritime variant of the MiG-29KUB in onshore version of the MiG-29M2 uses several «omoryachennyh» component, also reinforced landing gear. At the same time there are no bar for in-flight refueling and arrestor hook for clues arresting gear.

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