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Russian soldiers are able to turn themselves into a superweapon

Eyes — a new secret aoruzhie?

In the wonders of science, able to create an artificial man with a programmed intelligence, always hard to believe. All these militants about werewolves, "werewolves" and "universal soldiers" seemed a cross between mysticism and charlatanism. However, a fresh series "Golem. Keys to the Abyss ", which went on the channel" Russia "through April, as the ravings I no longer perceived. Because in the fabulous stories about secret intelligence experiments with the human psyche, I suddenly discovered some truth.

It so happened that I became personally acquainted with a man speaking a wordly psychotechniques — where before it cinematic heroes! He saw this as a unique superrazvedchik apply their skills in combat.

Interrupted escape

A fight in a restaurant — a destructive phenomenon. And recently, in Khabarovsk, I witnessed a strange bloody "banquet", where the situation — unlike humans — is not affected. How did the conflict between the four drunken urkaganami and low, is a sober guy, I had not noticed. But the man to beat going in earnest and with skill. They came from three sides, well-diffused. In the hands of the attackers — the whole "gentleman's set": sharpening, brass knuckles, Finn, "rosette" — the broken neck of the bottle.

I only had time to think — the guy over! Then suddenly one of the strange lesson went limp, he dropped the knife and fell to the parquet floor (I'll swear to it that no one has touched). The guy is no longer a lonely-looking helpless victim, sighed loudly and said loudly, some obscure phrase. His eyes glass and sharp movements, like clockwork toys. Nothing extra seven steps, two turns, five strokes. And the four immovable body. Then — again a strange phrase, and the winner sank wearily into a chair.

Police arrived to the young man lost interest as soon as look at his ID. They were even grateful: in the unconscious bodies of identified offenders, two of whom recently fled the area. On account of the gang — dozens of assaults and nine murders. Now the bandits are not dangerous: one died without regaining consciousness (it counted killed in the escape), and the rest turned into a lifelong helpless cripples.

— A bad job, — Sergey Volkov (name changed), "bran" four criminals, looked disappointed. — Dying had everything.

Ten years without respite

In fact, Sergey is not so young — it late forties, and he was a colonel of the Russian intelligence service. Looks young due to the special way of life. However, many seem kind of life imprisonment — neither smoke nor drink.

He is listed in one of the divisions of Army Special Forces, located in Khabarovsk. However, the men rarely see it — he trains alone: many of its methods and techniques are classified. And simply are inaccessible to man "from the street". In an empty gym Volkov said something to me, as they say, on the fingers.

— Each one of us — a small atomic bomb — said the colonel. — You just need to know how this energy to get out of yourself.

The whole idea is not new — a lot of Eastern religious and martial arts bedrock sees some inner strength of a person. That's just use this power — too troublesome task.

Wolves do not possess any innate abilities. He is not a psychic, clairvoyant and not "man X-Ray." All that he can, as they say, is acquired by overwork.

Sergei involved with martial arts five years — parents diplomats have attached. Tried several types of yoga. So the "primary basis" for turning himself into the ultimate weapon he had. 15 years ago when he first started on an experiment, a clear problem could formulate no one — neither he nor the command. Your body as a sculptor, sculpted 10 years — every minute, without the right to the slightest indulgence. Special diet, refusal of family life, a hermit on the basis of the taiga spetsnaz and painful exercise. Sergei taught himself to two "tricks": strike the look and samozombirovatsya.

— It's not magic tricks — Colonel, it seems a little offended. — It — psychophysics. Science. And I'm not going to act in the circus.

Yeah, his "performance" I enjoyed.

— One "client" I turned off the astral blow — threw his head off in a big ball of energy — said Sergey. — And then he introduced himself in a kind of "battle trance." And fought on autopilot — without emotion and error.

To break the boards hands of one force is not enough …

"Thought" blow (some cross between hypnosis, telepathy and telekinesis) Colonel demonstrated by one of the training of special forces. He shot time without touching them. And even — not much closer. Creeps ten meters, looks at the fighter — and he falls silent. A few hundred meters, he feels enemy ambush.

With samozombirovaniem complicated. On the one hand, it is necessary to awaken a different person, with the efficiency of a computer that will keep track of all external threats and give instant reaction. On the other — it is advisable not to ruin and his own "I" — to keep control of myself and just go back to consciousness.

Find his way in the wolf pack …

There is another area of application of this transformation — the introduction into the enemy camp. Wolves can not just draw, and just become a member of a criminal gang, or, say, a terrorist "Al Qaeda."

— Between theatrical play and my "treatment" — a significant difference — says the colonel. — Criminals — people with very thin, sensitive mental institution. They are locators are able to catch your slightest emotional currents. Falsehood "mishandled Cossack" recognize quickly and accurately. That's why you can not break up until terrorism from within — that is Osama bin Laden as Stanislavsky just that — yells: I do not believe! And I'm not a bit pretend — getting "their guy." None of the lie detector did not convict — in fact I am absolutely sincere. Just somewhere deep in the subconscious flashing warning light: that the path here "home." Details — where he managed to use his abilities as training goes, — Sergey, of course, is not to be.

Such "werewolves", as Colonel Volkov, a Russian (and in foreign) intelligence services of several people. They — the piece goods "handmade". To put their training to the conveyor — the dream of any army. Fortunately, as long as it is not feasible. Fortunately — because no country, even the most tech will not be able to stand against the hordes of "zombies."

The initial combat exercises psycho

Impact on enemy eyes

The first exercise

After getting up, lying in bed, start the rotation of the eyeball right — 20 times in the opposite direction — 20 times. Strongly squint right, then left — by 10 times. Flatten the pupils to face — 10 — 15 times. Alternately move gaze from the near to the distant object. Strong squeezes his eyes shut, then slowly relax the eye muscles. Repeat for day 2 — 3 times.

The second exercise

Sit in front of the mirror and, without blinking, look into their eyes, gradually increasing the pressure sight. Relax after each pressure. Do 5 — 6 times in one session. Sitting at a distance of 2 — 3 meters away from the mirror. Capture changes in the look.

The third exercise

Sit down with your partner against each other. One partner starts to count from one. Second, acting on his eyes, forcing him to lose count.

Astral blow

The first stage — the concentration of power in the hands and feet

Blow energy clot piloted in three stages. The first stage — a sense of energy of stars, moving it through the body, the concentration in the hand. Lie on the floor, under the head — a small pillow. His eyes are closed. Imagine a ball of fire in the belly to feel the heat. Mentally send the ball at his feet and hands, imagine how it is divided. Focus on the palms of hands and soles of the feet (in these areas must be feeling the heat.) It is important to breathe correctly: send the ball into the limb at every exhale until it is feeling the heat.

The second stage — the feeling of the energy output of the body

Rise in the rack — back straight, feet at shoulder level, slightly bent, hands on hips, fists decompressed. Bringing his hands to his chest, palms up, mentally imagining the fireball passes in hand. Refine your hands away from yourself and exhale with force to pull his hands, feeling the energy output. To feel the tingling in the fingers and the warmth of his hands.

The third stage — the concentration of power in the distance when exposed to an object

After 3 — 4 months of training can be hung on a string foam ball and try to mentally affect him, achieving swing. To do this, imagine a ball of fire flies out of your hand and strikes the object. You can train on a candle — to put out the flames blow energy. At first, the distance between the fist and the candle should be no more than 2 — 3 mm, gradually increasing.

Michael Falaleev


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