Settlement of Slave Lake in Alberta almost gone (city in Canada)

The town of Slave Lake, which, as the name implies, is located on the shores of the lake, will probably be rebuilt. Forest fire, driven by wind speed of 80 km / h, almost destroyed several buildings that housed the offices of the village administration, where he lives (or lived) about 7 thousand people.

Mayor Karina Pillay-Kinney confirmed that burned in the fire, and the mayor's office, and the local radio station. All highways in diameter, 70 km from the burning of the town are closed to vehicular traffic.

The smoke from the conflagration so thick that one can hardly consider objects that are only a ten-feet from another person.

Mitigates the pain of loss of the village that time the authorities managed to evacuate all residents. None of them died or received injuries related to the fire.

"Our city is no more" — spoken in Slave Lake — "We lost our house, and all that in them are."

To extinguish the fire rescue work in 1000. Arrived here 100 helicopters, 20 aircraft, equipped with water tanks and heavy equipment to prevent fires around the village. 200 more firefighters arrived from the neighboring British Columbia and in Ontario.

Source: Russian Alberta, CCN, Associated Press


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