Severe drought in 60 years: the struggle for survival of the 12 million Africans

According to the UN, malnutrition among children and refugees fleeing drought in Somalia has reached alarming rates. The most severe drought in the Horn of Africa has put on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. UN agencies virtually exhausted their resources to help the inhabitants of drylands.

According to Emilia Casella — Spokesperson WFP to feed those in need in the Horn of Africa, WFP is missing $ 190 million, says the UN Radio.

Source: FinalNews

Africa: The number of hungry people has exceeded 10 million

July 4. UN warns of the threat of a humanitarian catastrophe in the Horn of Africa. The second year is not terminated drought, people are dying of hunger and lack of water. However, not all countries are ready to support the people of Somalia, considering that the aid falls into the hands of insurgents.

Source: BBC Russian Service


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