Severe drought in Brazil is not without victims

Severe drought that gripped the north-eastern regions of Brazil, considered the worst in 50 years. More than 1100 cities around the region are experiencing serious difficulties. The number of victims is growing every day, and in small rural areas comes to fights. According to the published data of the newspaper O Globo, in an average day in the fight for water killed one person, and a huge number of animals weakened before dying.

The water crisis has devastated farms, threatening the life of peasants and livestock. Many people have lost more than half their cattle herd. In this regard, the government forecasts a sharp decline of grain harvest, soy and legumes.
In the state of Pernambuco in 66 municipalities due to lack of water emergency is declared. The river is almost completely dried up, and the animals, which are usually drank water from the river beds, can now only be content with muddy streams. The amount of water in local reservoirs is at a critical level, frequent speculation against water crisis. For example, in some cases, the drivers agreed to collect water, but if the people will vote in favor of certain local candidates.


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