Severe flooding in India killed at least 62 people

The number of victims of severe flooding in north-eastern India killed at least 62 people, said on Sunday by the Associated Press, citing local authorities.

Previously reported on the death of 27 people due to the monsoon rains in recent days have caused landslides and flooding powerful river Brahmaputra. According to the Associated Press, the element of order 2 has flooded thousands of Indian villages. The most seriously injured in Assam. In temporary accommodation points organized by the regional government for the homeless, has already arrived about 480 thousand people.

According to local authorities, the flood has become the most powerful in the region since 2004.

Help local authorities provide the army, which helps equip the temporary camps to house refugees. Air Force helicopters are used to evacuate the injured. In addition, in a rescue operation involving more than 60 motor boats and boats.


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