June 22 — RIA Novosti. Approximately 12,000 residents of Minot in the central part of the U.S. state of North Dakota to be evacuated because of the danger of the strongest in the last 130 years, floods, said on Wednesday the broadcasting company CNN referring to the local authorities.

According to a Department of Emergency Services of North Dakota, Cecilia Fong (Cecily Fong), which flows through the town of Souris River, the water level is a result of heavy rains and dam is growing by the end of the week could flood the city. Therefore, almost one third of residents Minot ordered to leave their homes Wednesday to 18.00 local time.

"We are turning into a pool. As it is really hard to believe, but I have real cause for concern ", — quotes CNN Minot Mayor Curt Tsimbelmana (Curt Zimbelman).

Souris River originates in Canada, its channel passes through the United States in the form of capital letter U, then goes back to Canada. Level of the river in Minot is now about 474 meters above sea level, is projected on a Friday or Saturday, he could rise to 475.18 meters. If the forecasts are correct, it will flood the strongest in the city since 1881, when the water level in the river rose to 474.88 Suris meters, said CNN.

Source: RIA news