Severe flooding occurred in Brazil

Regime declared a disaster in the northern Brazilian state of Roraima from record flooding, said Monday the local government.

Heavy rains caused rivers to overflow of the Rio Branco, a member of the Amazon basin. As a result, the water level rose by ten meters, half a meter higher than the previous record, recorded in 1976. Dozens of communities were completely cut off from the outside world.

According to the Civil Defense staff, seven settlements in the lower reaches of the river completely disappeared under the water. In the state capital, the city of Boa Vista, declared emergency mode.

The main highway in the state of Roraima closed due to the threat of erosion of the roadway. Local authorities also reported the possibility of the collapse of the main bridge over the river Rio Branco under the pressure of the water. In the reinforced concrete structure of the bridge was a crack of 16 inches.

Roraima State Government requested assistance Brazilian army in combating the effects of the disaster. The volume of material damage and the number of victims are specified, transfers RIA "Novosti".

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