Severe storms in the Mediterranean

The storm raging over the north-eastern Algeria, led to the death of 20 people and caused damage to another 56, according to the local public service emergencies. Specifies that nine people died when torrential rain and strong winds hit the region Tebessa (600 km east of Algiers), Tlemcen (600 km west of the capital) and M'sila (250 km south). Another person was killed by a lightning strike in the region of Blida (50 km south of Algiers), and in addition, 21 houses were flooded.

Emergency services went to several regions to save people whose homes were flooded by the storm going on in the past 48 hours over 22 of the 48 districts of the country.

Bad weather, which caused enormous material damage, came after intense heat, cause a fire earlier. The fires affected almost 21,000 hectares of fields and forests in early August and resulted in the death of fire and forester.


Destructive storm in Malta

Unusually severe storms marched through Malta on Monday: 1 person died, and two hours on the Mediterranean island poured more water than it is in the middle of September.

The first storm caused flooding that washed away a man who had abandoned his car. According to police, he was originally going to rearrange it to higher ground. Another man, who worked in the fields, was fatally struck by lightning during a storm that covered the second Malta afternoon.

The storms have caused significant damage throughout the small archipelago that includes the main island and the island-sister Gozo and Comino. Were overturned cars, ripped out trees, flooded homes and even destroyed their walls.

According to the weather service of Malta fell 42.4 mm rainfall, which exceeded the average monthly rate on September 40 mm.


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