Sewage treatment plants are transformed UralVagonZavod


The program "to improve the environmental component" at the head office of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" is coming to a close the first phase of reconstruction works general treatment facilities. Is a replacement of obsolete technology to the modern, the use of which would not only at times reduce the negative impact on the environment, but also ensure the production of recycled water, the appropriate technical parameters.

The project started in 2011. His general contractor — JSC "Vodokanalproekt" (Ufa), artist — JSC "RSKU" (Nizhny Tagil). To date, holds about 70% of the first stage of reconstruction. Invested nearly 360 million of the planned 2 billion for the entire project. Before the year is planned to be at least another 150 million on stroymontazh and the same number in the installation of the equipment.

Today already completed concrete works in the first of the three reservoirs. Mounted skeleton of a new building. Established the basic large equipment on the production line treatment of industrial effluents. This is a 12 filters with a floating charge, the mass of which exceeds 15 tonnes unloaded and more than 40 tons in running order, and 4 filters with coal load. Also available are a major collector of large diameter pipelines and associated grounds maintenance equipment. Conducted their harness.

Prior to the onset of cold weather the builders have to complete installation of the metal, the shelter of the building wall and roof panels, fully implement the glazing. This will produce in the future work in the cold season.

With the installation of the new equipment will change drastically water purification technology. It will be a two-stage operation of wastewater treatment with an additional disinfection by ultraviolet systems. In the first stage 80% of the promvody will be cleaned by filters with floating and then go back into the circulation system of water supply company. The remaining 20% will be further purified through carbon filters, linger where not only suspended impurities but also heavy metal salts, and there is an additional decontamination of water ultraviolet units. After all the procedures that part of the reset will be in open water.

Previous technology included only rein suspended impurities by natural sedimentation lagoons and collect oil. Special system for collecting oil, made in integrated mode will function after reconstruction. Collection of oil, its refining and recycling will be achieved through export to the processing industry.

At the first stage of treatment capacity will exceed the volume of the discharge of industrial effluents Uralvagonzavod. Every hour in the company dumped about 1100-1200 m? water, and this system provides processing 2,500 m? water per hour. This will allow the machine-building complex to boost production.

Commissioning of the first phase of works general treatment plant is planned in 2013. After its launch will assess the performance and decided to further reconstruction of the two remaining bowls.

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