Shanghai sank

Heavy rain was held in Shanghai. As a result, the city had recorded 100 mm of rainfall. Heavy rain started in the afternoon and intensified during the night, and also marked the first day of the rainy season.

Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said the possibility of a hurricane rain, another Shanghai meteoorganizatsiya announced the possibility of extensive flooding. Large pteri poultry industry has suffered near the town in the district Ganchzhou Dzhinshan.
On a farm drowned over 13,000 chickens after the flow of water from the floods poured directly on the farm buildings. There daily rainfall was 164.4 mm. According to the owner of the farm, 10 chicken houses were submerged in water 30 cm attempts to pump water through the pumps failed. From the large number of birds survived a couple of hundred. Owner of the farm estimates its losses at $ 39, 327.
For clean-and so prevent the spread of diseases related to the existence of such a huge number of dead birds in such a small area, in the district were sent to special sanitary units.
Upon activation of rain in some parts Ganchzhou fell about 100.3 mm. This volume of water usually falls in the city during the entire rainy season. According to the head office of the organization for the control of floods, the greatest amount of precipitation was recorded in Khaiwan, orkuga Fengksian and is 179, 6 mm.
This season, projected to increase in mean precipitation is 20%. And if this is true, then the current rainfall has left 40% of this amount.
The two airports of the city due to bad weather it was delayed about 35 flights during a rainstorm. According to the Pudong International Airport, seven aircraft made an emergency landing at the airport Hongkiao, one run off course in Beijing.
Meteorologists promise that in the next few days, the weather in the area is stabilized. Predicted cloudy and drizzling rain with temperatures of 22 ° to 27 ° C.


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