Shortage of troops affects their readiness

Shortage of troops affects their readinessThe results of the autumn conscription campaign just summarized, and the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces come disturbing reports that some regions have not fulfilled the plan on the call. Already at this point it is clear that for the first time in recent years the armed forces are experiencing shortage fighter and sergeants on the call. With all of this continues to go down a layer of contract soldiers.

Speaking not long ago in a closed session of the State Duma Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov admitted that "the needs of the military organization of the country at an early completion is not provided in full." This means that the army and navy personnel shortage exists. Quantitative characteristics are a category of its hidden. But even a rough estimation indicates that it is more than 20%.

According to official figures, at the moment the troops are least 500 thousand fighter and sergeants on the call, 181 thousand officers and about 120 million contract, with all this staffing level is equal to one million army troops. Certainly, shortage of troops affects their readiness. But the measures taken to address prepyadstviya, frankly, hard to name appropriate.

To the Editor of a number of garrisons receiving information about a meaningful reduction in the interlayer of contractors in military units and subdivisions. For example, as he said, "NG" Chairman of the Board of Veterans of the 76th Pskov Airborne Division (Airborne Division), Major-General Yuri neighbors, a layer fighter-contractors in this illustrious connection in 2010 fell from 20 to 12%. The reason for the outflow — low foreign exchange allowance of experts. It is about 11 thousand rubles., While the average salary in the Pskov region is about 18 thousand rubles. According to the views of the general, the management of the Ministry of Defense in order to save the defense budget specifically reduces the layer of experts in the military. Interlocutor, "NG" revealed that not so long ago, the command of Special Forces Brigade, which is deployed near Pskov, it's an indication of the military department not to renew contracts for professional soldiers. Instead they will be coming out of training units (after three months of accelerated training courses) soldiers and sergeants of the call. "What do SWAT teams, do not have to read. Specifically, they like before do not do training and combat tasks in the hot spots of the North Caucasus. Riot quite good even for the year, even more so for three months did not bring up. I do not want to croak, but it does mean that in a combat situation will increase the possibility of human losses, "- says the veteran of the Navy.

On the facts of cuts strata of contract in certain combat-ready units and formations of the Southern Military Area said, "NG" Gen.-Major Yuri Netkachev, which for a long time in various command positions served in the Caucasus. He is also concerned about the possibility of loss on the part of personnel in the case of performance of combat missions in the North Caucasus. And in the days of the Internet newspaper "Italic Ivanovo" published an article entitled "Unwanted puppies Russian army." It sets out a letter to President Dmitry Medvedev military contract military unit stationed in the town Kineshma. In the appeal to the Supreme Commander said: "The command of the illumine since 2010 we have become persuaded to resign" on his own "in the unlikely event will be dismissed due to failure to comply with the criterion of contact with the inability of the forthcoming recovery in the military service." The letter notes that "the true time of danger command were implemented in practice and disagree on volunteer dismissal began to swell the ranks of the urban unemployed and the homeless." As told "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" administration officials Kineshma, there is only one military unit — the brigade of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Western Military Area. It is just like the special forces, must at any moment be equipped to deal with man-made and natural disasters caused by including the use of bio-terrorism and chemical weapons. That's why a team in 2003-2007 as a priority staffed by experts. Now for some reason the master proved unnecessary.

"The fact that the army layer decreases contract soldiers, accidents do not need — the member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense Igor Korochenko. — Military the budget is not elastic. Even with the small salaries of the experts on their funds at the moment is still not enough. There are other values. Because the Ministry of Defense has decided to complete only certain contractors ostrodefitsitnyh positions needed for the operation of complex equipment and determining the combat capability of military units. "

Major-General Yuri Sosedova, who once commanded the 76th Airborne Division, another worldview. He believes that the present management of the Ministry of Defence for the soldiers and officers in the army-professionals "refers to both the rednecks." Military reform, says Gen., came to a standstill. Young people do not want to go into the army or for conscription, no contract, because the country lacks a precise example program of patriotic education of young people. "There is not only real, and moral incentives for military service. This army even before the start of the battle is doomed to destruction, "- said the veteran. He, like contractors of Kineshma, on behalf of veterans Navy sent a corresponding appeal to the Supreme Commander. Answers to such appeals yet.

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