Sierra Nevada. Sequoia National Park

Everybody has heard about the hundred-meter giant trees — redwoods. The whole park-like plant is located in the Sierra Nevada. In this vast forest grow for many years the largest redwoods in the world.

But the most unique and famous is the General Sherman tree. There are also other attractions that will surprise visitors. Among them unique avtotunnel. It runs completely in the sequoia that once fell on the road. Park in the beautiful highlands of America originated in 1890. It was then confronted with an acute need to protect and preserve the remaining are "giants". Today, there is growing 2 types of redwoods. One of them — it's red, evergreen tree, and the second — a giant.

In addition to luxury trees, this national park has a number of interesting caves. The biggest of them is 32 km long. However, tourists are not allowed. Guests can visit the "Crystalline" cave. Attracted to the park not only mighty redwoods, but also beautiful waterfalls, green meadows and plenty of animals. Here live the famous coyotes, American black bears, as well as the innocent and noble white-tailed deer.



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