Sinkhole in Izhevsk

Karst holes

17.05.11.Zemlya away from under his feet. Literally. In one of Izhevsk yards — right at the entrance — there was a great hole. Public utilities — common, occupants — a reason to think.

Walking along the side of the house yesterday, local feared. Could easily fall into a pit. Today it was about a consultation. "But yesterday the word TV, we just told him to TV, although he said the insult that you let the TV and fall asleep, but it still saw everything. That at 8 pm the pit was backfilled. How much time did it here — it is useless "- say residents.

The elimination of the failure of the elder on the porch Galina Khokhryakova watched from the balcony. There are fewer than 5 bags of bricks, three bags of sand, and one — topsoil. Galina Khokhryakova inhabitant of the house on the street 28 Krasnogeroyskaya "Yama appeared for a long time, if not 4 years ago, and now it all fall asleep, fall asleep, there is not one brick truck."

The measurements of the depth of the failure of residents is not less than a meter. According to official data, public utilities — 20-30 centimeters. Dmitry Khodyrev, director of the management company in Housing Izhevsk — LLC "Facade-3000", "WSC" we notified, but there is no surveying communications fail, so I do not think the reason for the failure of any manmade likely it was empty, and under the snow conditions, just compacted soil. "

On whom sin, while residents also do not know, but assume — blame tenants. The first floor is store household chemicals. Basement — repair team. Galina Khokhryakova inhabitant of the house on the street 28 Krasnogeroyskaya: "At first I thought — painters took place here, they're washed, adherent. I thought maybe they were just brought into the land where the water away. I say this manager. He told me — no, everything goes down the drain. So I do not know why, I'm not an expert. "

Galina Evrovskaya, older house on the street 28 Krasnogeroyskaya: "Failure is growing and expanding, and how dangerous it is, we ask experts to answer that question." Its request tenants outlined in a letter to city officials, but the answer in three weeks and have not waited. Meanwhile, the fear of being in a mass grave only grow. Void may be in fact and under the house. "There is a crack on the house top, and lowered already all. That's where it has to go, "- complain residents.

STRC "Udmurtia"

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