Sinkhole in Ulyanovsk. Photo

Karst holes

Photo: Olga Gorshkova

4.07.11.Razmery the resulting failure is such that it can easily fit KamAZ.Ogromnaya hole appeared in the road near the city hall of Ulyanovsk. According to witnesses, the pit has been growing very rapidly and only by luck in the resulting failure is not got no car.

Recall that these holes appear near Ulyanovsk city hall is not the first time. Year and a half ago, a hole appeared in failed "Lada" fourth model. Then it (well) just filled gravel. The same fate awaited the present failure. For a short time it is fully dissolved.

The press service of the City Hall difficult to comment on the situation. However, a source in the city administration of anonymity said that the emergence of failures due to the washing of the soil, because the municipality is located in the landslide area. In recent days, in Ulyanovsk took several heavy rains, which are spoofing the ground under the street Kuznetsov.

Text and Photos: Olga Gorshkova



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