Sinmoe volcano began spewing ash and rocks in southern Japan

TOKYO, Jan. 26. A volcanic eruption in the peak in the mountain range Sinmoe Kirishima in Kyushu prefecture yuzhnoyaponskoy began on Wednesday, reported mmo country.

The first signs of volcanic activity observed on January 19 and another on Wednesday morning activity of the volcano was assessed as weak: a column of smoke did not exceed 200 meters, but by the evening of his height reached 1.5 thousand meters. The eruption is accompanied by emission of volcanic rocks within a kilometer. In the cities, far from Sinmoe for several kilometers, fell volcanic ash.

Meteorological Office in the evening environment increased the level of danger to the third out of five. In the area of two kilometers from the volcano's pedestrianized. Meteorologists urge people not to approach the volcano because of the risk of emission of large stones.

Estimated to meteorologists, the activity of the volcano in the coming days may increase. The last time Sinmoe erupted six months ago.


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