Sky Ukraine in 2012 will be presented including the NATO Defense German Luftwaffe

Sky Ukraine in 2012 will be presented including the NATO Defense  German LuftwaffeCombat aircraft initially aggressive on the country, which is stately Russian War of 1941-1945. was the aggressor, and that killed millions of inhabitants Ukraine, and now threatens Ukraine and its management will be allowed to patrol the sky of Ukraine in 2012, during the UEFA EURO 2012 as the owner, with all this, do puzzles with combat fighting weapon and ammunition, it is possible that a core of depleted uranium. A NATO air defense will keep it under control of the sky from the ground or from the sea.

This was said by the radio "Voice of Russia" and the expert of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the NAS of Ukraine Sergei Tolstoy, commenting on the news. And plan, so to speak, on "Protection of football fields" from the threat of a powerful means of military-political bloc of NATO, "unnoticed", from the air, including, here's the plan, shocking rumor adekvatnomyslyaschego every person who has control of Ukraine is ready.

And it's not just sky, this dominance in the sky, and not just the rule of the prior art and its power and quantity, it is a clear dislocation of important objects in the Ukraine, a clear tie-in, is the provision of a stranger to the state of clear flight topographic maps, this is an additional possibility of aerial espionage and instant transfer of intelligence to the command items NATO and even in the Pentagon, it is, after all, the possibility of drawing air strikes, it does not bring the Lord, the possibility of air accidents with aggravating consequences. On the war in Yugoslavia and Iraq, such cases were noted. A Defense NATO will need to provide further info and hidden information.

Pilots battle structure, block, discredited one hundred percent to the world community, regularly participating in military adventures, aggressive, porabotitelnyh, colonial wars, experienced bombing and missile attacks on the peaceful population and housing related subjects, if you would like in a certain sense, the "sharks" who have tasted the smell of blood in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, in cold blood, at random, fierce battle orders performing criminal conduct live firing at live peacefully without fighting purposes, in fact, shot innocent people. In fact, people are robots capable of anything. In addition, Iraq has shown the pilots of NATO, especially the U.S. tendency to make friendly fire, in other words, destruction of their own allies.

Meanwhile vozduschnaya "Operation Dawn. Odyssey "in Libya, too, wore a" humanitarian "nature and served the aims of the no-fly and protect the civilian population, and how this" protection "was completed for the people of Libya, we all understand.
According bolshennomu account now hard to find corner on the planet, not counting the United States, where population loves and trusts entirely NATO and the United States.

And Sergei Tolstoy, cosmopolitan, irresponsibly manipulating the ignorance of society and the criminal silence and complicity of Ukrainian officials who are obliged to stand on the protection of our country's security, life and health, for a minute did not think of that lie, he speaketh, he apparently not something that does not smell of gunpowder, and a kilometer is not suitable for a military theme, or someone executes a criminal order amateur, blasphemous rants in an interview with Radio "Voice of Russia" about some "goodness" and "security" plan "defense "Heaven and soccer fields Ukraine NATO aces during the UEFA EURO 2012. S.Tolstova, quite naturally, concerned about anything, including Ukraine and the welfare regime NATO, safety of investments, investments Nazi oligarchs hold at all costs Euro 2012, but not the rest, peace and security of the people of Ukraine. According to the views of S.Tolstova, all this "protection" is "invisible" to the public. But in-1's, how the invisibility of downplaying the dangers that is NATO? In-2-x, which still air defense missile launchers will be under NATO cactus disguise or what? Or still to be "inconspicuous" NATO bases deployed on the territory of Ukraine?

Tolstov niskolechko not even think about what orders and annotations on the application of military weapons, and interactions in different situations and critical cases, which will be announced officials of the NATO Air Force and Air Defense NATO enlisted to perform these tasks will be developed into an aggressive Ukraine Brussels and the Pentagon, with all this has never been such, that NATO military issues such trust or committed is not what people in other countries are not included in the block, but even civilian officials of the member states of NATO.

So Makarov, what a pilot thinks brim scored missile — bombing and small arms, ammunition and NATO phantom how he intends to do, which will make decisions in one way or another situation, will be lurking behind seven locks to Ukrainian officials. And even more so for the people who can fall down unexpectedly terrifying surprises with a clear sky. These questions consistent with Ukraine will not.

And note that particularly concerned about their own nationalistic "love, fear for the country," Ukrainian Nazis, including VO Freedom O.Tyagnibok, Front zmin Yatsenyuk, Gritsenko, former defense minister Ukraine and part-time spy United States, a criminal Tymoshenko and her associates from "Batkivschiny" are silent on this matter, as in the mouth water typed. It seems that "the opposition" also do not care about their own voters. I wonder if the question was raised about the invitation of Russian Air Force, they would keep silent?

As understood aviagruppirovki operating tasks of this kind is not sent unaccompanied reconnaissance aircraft grade, such as, for example, the Lockheed U-2 or of another type.

The use of reconnaissance aircraft of NATO in Georgia has given us the opportunity to make sure that the joint command of NATO and the pilots does not stand on ceremony with any restrictions imposed by any international treaties to the fullest and use their abilities to implement espionage activities for the adjoining neighbor to the east Russia. In addition, the proximity of the Russian Armed Forces with unfriendly flight NATO Air Force units may at any moment be a prerequisite complication of Ukraine's relations with Russia. It creates the impression that the management plans of Ukraine, as usual, are carried out, as in all other cases, at random, and do not account for any or no reason realities of life and the likely consequences, first, for its own population, and even more so do not take into account the concerns of their own neighbors .

Like everything, but there is the perennial question, what would happen if these "unnoticed" owning heavenly places of our country "defenders" do not wish after the end of Euro 2012 to part with his own property and the temporary command of the air in Ukraine, what then? After all, Ukraine's defense can only shoot down civilian court.

In truth, the great gift of NATO air defenses, including German Luftwaffe, as the sky of Ukraine. Hitler, on the light will turn green with envy, he's about this and did not dream. Mazeppa is just resting. But in order to this terrible plan to become a reality, it still needs to approve the decision of the Verkhovna Rada
of Ukraine.

So we'll see, and we will see the election in September 2012, whether they liked the infernal plans domination of Satan and the devil in the sky Ukrainian voters, if earlier, God forbid, will not happen any consequences of this dangerous adventure, out of the above, and do not given.

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