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Rural peasants CAM falls into a lethargy and CAM OUT OF HIM

When he returned home in the morning with the change, Anatoly Gubin, as usual, went to take a nap for an hour. But did not wake up any evening or the next morning.

His wife was upset: it is necessary, as the tire out, has thrown! But the husband slept another day and another … And then Anna called "fast".

Sleeping patient was taken to the emergency room, and he slept under the care of doctors for two more days. And then he woke up and could not believe that I slept for seven days.

A month later, he fell asleep again and again for a week. When he awoke, for the first time in his life began to cry.

— I really thought, Anya, do not wake up! — Explained the ash tree.

Since then, Anatoly became a regular sink into a long and deep sleep. The first year everything went according to schedule: week of sleeping, awake month. At work, at first sympathetic to sudden sleepiness janitor. Even laughed: nothing if zakemarit — to change! But the time of dreams has been increasing — two weeks, three month … I had one of the periods of wakefulness to write a letter of resignation from the construction firm.


While her husband was asleep, Anna did not sleep a wink. Having sold the cows and pigs, she began to carry a sleeping spouse to a survey in Ekaterinburg. For several weeks it is napped in a clinic, in another, the diagnostic center. Cardiologists, neurologists, specialists in epilepsy even knocked down, trying to look for abnormalities in the patient's body. Shrugged: "Phenomenal! There are no clues. And one on the sixth decade so strangely ill!"

Neurologist Nadezhda Andreeva marvels:

— Unknown medical case. Lethargy? Possibly, but not in pure form. Recalls and narcolepsy, which for some reason appears not convulsions or seizures, and sudden sleep many days …

As with the sleepiness on the job never take, Health and Work Commission issued Gubin disability of the second group. He designed the necessary documents — and again fell asleep.


Gubin not just asleep, in his dreams he is going through a nightmare. He dreams that he was taken by humanoids and keep at home. From these experiences Anatoly screaming during sleep, tossing, talking, sometimes even falling out of bed. Several times, continuing to sleep, he even jumped up and … wrote letters to strangers. Very real, pen on paper.

— He dreams that aliens are threatening to take me to her and her daughter — explains Anna. — Nadyushka it — the light in the window, so he suffers. What is surprising, at three Tolley education, and he always writes competently. And then — a mistake on a mistake! He laughs when I show it to him later.

Do Gubin family and their neighbors in the village Filatov has its own version of what is happening with Anatoly. On the eve of the morning, when he fell asleep the first time in the garden Gubin appeared mysterious spot. In the beds where there were a beet and carrot, suddenly formed a perfect circle of bare earth in diameter. 1, 5 meters, as if someone unknown carefully weeded all the vegetables. What would then either tried to put the mistress of this enchanted place, nothing would grow. Because it is so serious and Anatoly fight in the dream, believe that aliens visited his home and in real life.


While the owner is asleep, Anna has the most to deal with the economy. 20 acres of land, goats, rabbits, chickens, a vegetable garden …

— Without a husband like no hands — she sighs. — Toll-is a very good host, hard-working. But as luck would have it: we must dig potatoes — he sleeps, plant — asleep again. He slept through the New Year's holiday, all the birthdays. For us, now a holiday when he wakes up!

Last spring, Anatoly slept record time — 55 days. Fell asleep in March, when the snow lay on the court, and I woke up in May, when the window was blooming apple tree. During this time, compassionate Anna tried several times to feed her husband — are pouring in carrot juice. Gubin, thankfully, not opening his eyes, drank liquor and immediately lowered her head on the pillow. Doctors confirmed 55 days of sleep — a rare case in which an unknown science.

— And just what happened to him? ! — Anna is going through. — Previously, he missed seven hours to sleep, and now … We estimate that in the last year of 365 days, he slept through the 192!

In the "dormant" man does not deliver native much hassle. There are not asking the toilet does not go and does not lose weight.

But really wake up first thing in the run to the fridge and turns on the TV — find out what's happened in the world while he was sleeping.

And then tirelessly hurry to alter the accumulated work. Is not sitting idle. One winter Anatoly linked hundred panicles. "There must be some benefit to me" — and said the only wife.

…Last week, Gubin went back to sleep. And how will he sleep is still unknown.

Photo of Michael Avdevicha


— For the courageous struggle with humanoids doctors jokingly nicknamed Gubin alien

— Now that the family is a strange life of Anatoly used to, he is sleeping at home

— While her husband is sleeping in the house and Anna for the man and for a woman

— For the daughter of Anatoly Nadenka ready to fight with an army of UFOs

— When the fight with aliens becomes particularly acute forms Gubin wrote letters humanoids …

ANNA Salymskoe SLEEPS for three years. / / Life (Moscow). — 02.06.2004. — 121. — C.12, 13

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