Snowdrops bloom in Krasnodar


27.12.10.Nebyvalo December's warm weather prepared residents of Krasnodar region a special gift for the New Year holidays. Employees of the Botanical Garden at Kuban State University of Kuban State University found that the arboretum bloom the first snowdrops, RIA "Novosti".

The last month of the year in Krasnodar turned out unusually warm. In recent weeks, the temperature sometimes exceeded the mark of 20 degrees plus. The appearance from the snow the first spring flowers long before the new year, biologists observed for the first time 33 years.

As the staff of the botanical garden, in recent years there has been an interesting pattern in the change of timing of flowering. So, before the first snowdrops usually bloom for March 8, and about five years ago, time moved to February 23. In 2009, the boundary was set at flowering date January 30, and in 2010, there were flowers in December.

Snowdrops — are not the only plants that do not wait for the arrival of spring. Japanese quince blossom, honeysuckle, periwinkle, hawthorn, lilac. The kidneys were swollen by jasmine, cyclamen ready shoot out. Experts attribute this early awakening of nature, not only with the heat, but with the summer drought — then many plants have fallen to sleep, and in the fall began to blossom.


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