Snowfall again paralyzed New York

Heavy snowfall paralyzed the northeastern United States, nearly 4 million people were left without electricity. In four states of emergency, all flights canceled — airplanes buried in snow while parked in aєroportah.

Moscow. October 31. INTERFAX.RU — At least nine people were killed and more than three million homes in five states were without power as a result of heavy snowfall hit the northeastern U.S.. As the American television channel CNN, because of a rare for this time of year, snow governor of New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York have declared a state of emergency; disrupted rail and air traffic. For the last day on the east coast of the U.S. canceled hundreds of flights, many airports are closed.

In some places, the snow depth reaches 80 cm Feature blizzard is that snow falls on the trees, the leaves are still hanging. Under the weight of snow broken branches that fall on power lines, roads, houses and cars. Authorities in Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut have already reported that for the normalization of the situation — the power is restored, dismantling and clearing debris major roads — will take several days. At least 4 million people were left without power on Sunday. Because of a snowstorm on the road States happened at least five fatalities. Some planes could not sit down, and circled over the swept area, fly to other states to alternate airports. Other waiting refuel at major airports, such as JFK Airport in Washington, and then swept the snow can hardly move. Witnesses told CNN, that airports do not provide clock catering to stranded passengers, which is why they are waiting for sitting on the floor with no food or even water. In addition, because of snowfall observed disruptions in cellular communications, so passengers who find themselves in the neutral zone at the airport, are, in fact, cut off from the world. According to meteorologists, a low pressure area, moving to the north-east, bringing heavy, wet snow. The most snowfall is expected in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, in the north-west of the Connecticut, as well as southern New Hampshire. Gust speed can reach 75 km per hour. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the temperature has returned to normal by mid-week. Meanwhile, last winter on the East Coast snowfalls and blizzards were quite frequent. Thus, in December and February, the city turned out for weeks in a position where not to go and transport planes flew. In such cases, the snow in some places the penalty mark.

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