Snowfalls in the U.S. have caused chaos on the roads. Video


11.01.11.Snegopady and freezing rain caused the closure of airports, not only in Europe. In the U.S., due to snowfall was abolished in 1400 aviareysov.Na East U.S. suspended the movement of rail and road transport.

In New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia declared a state of emergency.

Snowstorms have caused traffic chaos on the roads on the east coast of the United States.

Closed airports in the New York area, where the thickness of the snow cover reaches 31 centimeters.

Of snow was not just air travel. Railway companies also announced the cancellation of trains between Boston and New York. Bus companies cancel flights along the U.S. East Coast.

To clear the snow brought power to the streets around 2,400 cleaners snow. It is noteworthy that, in South Carolina and Georgia for Christmas snow fell for the first time since the beginning of the observations in 1887.

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