Snowman appointed rendezvous in Atlantis





In the world there are more wealthy people who believe that it is pointless to waste money on expensive yachts, football clubs and teams of bodyguards. May do so only those who are absolutely devoid of imagination and love for a full life. Far better to invest in a real adventure, in which a successful outcome can perpetuate the names of their heroes.

For example, American millionaires have started to finance deep-sea expedition of researchers from the U.S., which is dedicated to finding Atlantis in the Mediterranean — the cradle of civilizations later, pushed to the bottom of about 10 thousand years ago.

The American team has announced that Atlantis is certainly bordered to the east to Cyprus. Expedition leader, writer and traveler from Los Angeles, Robert Sarmast believes that Cyprus is a fragment of a bygone submerged land, and the ancient city is at more than 1,000 feet of water. Sarmast says that 11,000 years ago, the Atlantic Ocean broke through the neck connecting Gibraltar to Africa, and its waters rushed in the Mediterranean, flooding low-lying (the most fertile and populated) of land. On the surface, leaving only the mountain plateau of modern Cyprus and a number of islands — such as the Spanish Mallorca. Breakthrough of the Atlantic have brought disaster on people's fear and spawned legends of the Deluge.

Sarmast is convinced that the profile section near the bottom of Cyprus fits the description of Atlantis ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Sarmast took the maps drawn up by Russian scientists bottom of the Mediterranean sea, and found a triangular array of land to the north-east of Cyprus, adjacent to Syria.

It is believed that the Atlanteans have taught the Egyptians build the pyramids, mummify the dead, to farm and extended ideographic script (characters) around the world. But there is still no accurate data about what caused the cataclysm of the flood. According to legend, the disaster broke out during a great battle with some neighboring state, and the waves covered the advancing army. Sarmast has spent on his studies million dollars and received the support of "standard Eritedzh Corporation", the leading search of underwater oil and gas fields.

However, he will have to compete with well-equipped French expedition, which is approximately at the same time will start searching for the legendary country far from Gibraltar.

Sensational discoveries may follow one after the other, given that at the same time another expedition will travel to Ararat to investigate the suspected "parking" Noah's Ark, or, as some believe, the remains of the huge alien ship.

If you are not interested in ancient times, it is possible to spend money and energy on an exciting quest of the legendary humanoid creature Bigfoot. British explorer Patrick Woodhead did. In May, he went to Tibet to penetrate the remote area where the monster hiding relic.

The first major expedition to Nepal for the Yeti was held 50 years ago. It was attended by academics, journalists, climbers and 300 Sherpa porters. They were even carrying a load cell for the Yeti. Then were the first to photograph a footprint of Bigfoot. Expected place of residence — the deepest canyon in the world of rock, which is two times deeper than the Grand Canyon in the USA. Here is found the mysterious primate hair.

Expedition Woodhead is not going to catch Bigfoot in a cage or shoot him soporific darts. They just want to get clear evidence of its existence and promised to look into their search under every rock.

Yeti in the language of the Sherpas means "man, clambering over the rocks." For two centuries mankind raves stories of Tibetan mysteries and wonders of the local people of the saints, prayers help you float in the air and did not notice the bitter cold, but the most intriguing stories of the man-beast — something an average between the bear and the Neanderthals. In 1889, the British army officer told about the huge footprints in the snow Himalayas. In 1921, an expedition of British climbers saw the dark shape of a humanoid creature, move quickly down the mountainside high above them. After 4 years, the Greek expedition photographer Tombatsi saw a hundred yards from them moving overgrown hair being. Tombatsi, however, did not have time to take a picture, as a cautious beast swiftly disappeared.

Locals say that the yeti growth just below a man, but a much more powerful physique. He moves on two legs, but in overcoming difficult parts is on four legs. His hair is reddish-brown in color, and the cone-shaped head.

Known story of a group of Poles who fled Stalin's camps in Siberia and were able to walk to make the transition to the British possessions in India. They walked 2,500 miles across the desert and the Himalayas. Overcoming Tibet, Poles met once two Yeti and sat out two hours watching them 50 meters away. Then the fugitives tried to get rid of the noise they blocked the road critters. The largest yeti turned to him with his face and challenge enormous white teeth bared. Poles were forced to retreat and seek another path. Today there is no single traveler, who visited Tibet, which he did not believe in the existence of an unknown science of creating.


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