So people will look in 1000!

In a thousand years as a result of the evolution of the structure of the human body to change significantly, and his appearance, he will be markedly different from our contemporaries. Such assumptions put forward a number of experts in anatomy, based on their forecasts were drawn up image of distant descendants of homo sapiens.

According to specialists, the average height of a man of the future will be from 1.83 to 2.13 meters. This trend is due to the consistent "better nutrition and advances in medicine." "Already, the average American by 2.54 cm higher than in the 60 years of the last century" — said British osteopath Garry Trainer.

Change and the digestive tract of our descendants. A shorter intestines will absorb less fat and sucrose, which would be natural protection against weight gain, according to a London dentist Philip Stemmer. In his opinion, may decrease the number of teeth / soft food requires less chewing / and the size of the mouth. It is also believed that if they continue to reduce male fertility gonads of a strong half of humanity will be reduced.

Reach to those or other items to people through the millennium will be easier: as experts believe, our descendants hands and fingers will be "dramatically lengthen." This will increase the number of nerve endings "because of more frequent use of devices that require complex hand-eye coordination." The latter also increase to compensate for the reduction in the size of the mouth, "the foundation of communication will be the face and eye movements."

At the same time, the volume of the human brain will be reduced, experts predict. It is expected that this will be due to the fact that "the greater part of the work of remembering and will be engaged in thinking about computers." "Science fiction portrays people of the future with a big brain, but similar to the brain is not necessarily better," — said Chris Stringer of London's Natural History Museum.


Scientists do not cease to amaze. Such enormous knowledge about the distant future. They have dealt with the past in order to make such statements.


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