Solar Prominence rushed away

Coronal mass ejection (Coronal mass ejection — CME) — folded solar prominence — broke away from the light and the surface, developing tremendous speed 1440 km / s, and ran off into space.

He can not reach the area of the planet — from the earth to the sun 150 million miles — but can strongly influence her, hitting passing Earth's magnetosphere. This explains the aurora in the night of Monday 3 September.

The observatory NASA / SDO images made prominence in four wavelengths. Each wavelength corresponds to the proper temperature of the solar material. By comparing these images, professionals can watch the world go at the time of the eruption substance.

Solar prominence, also called thread visible on the background of the solar disk — is big and bright jet coming off the surface of the Sun. It is fastened at one end to a surface and spreads the arc lights in the hot outer atmosphere, called the corona. Prominences formed about a day and can be stored for a long time, especially stable "live" in the solar corona for several months, forming a bizarre loop length hundreds of thousands of kilometers. Scientists are still arguing about how and why the image of prominences.

Red glowing plasma loop — is heated electrically charged gas of hydrogen and helium. Prominence plasma flows along the tangled and twisted structure of the magnetic fields produced by the inner solar generator. Prominence eruption occurs when a structure becomes unstable and is accompanied by a surge in outward, releasing plasma. Coronal mass ejection can contain billions of tons of material. The flow of solar particles emitted in the interplanetary medium, there is on any planet of our system and affects everything on the spacecraft encountered on his journey. Therefore, monitoring of solar activity is so important.

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