Some results of 2011. Poll. What should be the undisputed strategic value of in the near future?

Some of the results in 2011.  Poll.  What should be the absolute strategic priority for Russia in the near future?

2011 was rich in a variety of activities. World comes to a subsequent stage of the global crisis. The European Union and the United States continue to fall. The countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are stepping integration processes on the same way are the Arab monarchies, some former Soviet republics. China is on the road to full dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific region may eventually become a new center of the world's population. Remembered their imperial ambitions of the Turks and Iranians. Immediately to the world society re-launched virus "world revolution" — we look at it as a "colored" revolutions and the Arab unrest. Planetka boils.

Do not stay aside from these processes and our homeland. It is usually always at the forefront of global configurations. To highlight some more fundamental positive actions and negative phenomena, difficulties.

Actions with a plus sign

Adopted and started to implement the Municipal weapons program from 2011-2020. This program should saturate the Russian army with new weapons, give it a new look. SAP anticipates the development of the strategic arms of the Russian Federation; periodic delivery of modern and promising types of weapons in the units and units of permanent readiness, the formation of the major information-management systems that ensure the use of high-precision weapons, the creation of scientific and technical basis for the development of new systems and armaments; the maintenance of the fleet of weapons in combat-ready condition. For the implementation of programs from going to allocate 23 trillion. rubles.

And we litsezreem that with difficulty, scandals, but it is coming. As the troops went to the new weapons. Here are just some announcements on this subject:

— The representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Colonel Vadim Koval said that Teykovskogo missile formation (Ivanovo region) put on combat duty second regiment armed with ground mobile missile complexes RS-24 "Yars". In the regiment command post and two missile battalion.

— December 27: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev summed up the result of many years of testing programs from the strategic sea-based missile "Bulava". Tests are complete, the complex is adopted for the Armed Forces, as well as staff support marine BR — a strategic missile submarine "Yury Dolgoruky". As a result of the naval component of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) Russian Federation is the latest solid-propellant ballistic missile, which, according to the views of military professionals can overcome any missile defense system. Earlier, armed with Russian naval strategic nuclear forces were only liquid rocket. SLBM tests were in 2004, out of 18 launches were found to be successful 11. December 23, 2011 was the last salvo run (2-missiles). BR sea-based P30 3M30 "Bulava-30" can carry 6-10 hypersonic maneuvering nuclear warheads personal guidance of 100-150 kilotons, which can change the line of movement of flight altitude and course. There is also a system of false targets. BR virtually invulnerable to promising missile defense system the United States. Most missile range — 8 thousand miles. To build a missile nuclear submarine of project 955 "Borey". The first ship of the "Yury Dolgoruky" was laid on the "Sevmash" November 2, 1996. It can adopt 12 missiles, in addition armed with 533-mm torpedo tubes. In 2012, is expected to start nuclear submarine "Alexander Nevsky", built "Vladimir Monomakh". Just going to adopt eight submarines of the "Northwind" and "Borey-A" (improved NPS). In 2012, plans to lay the 4th submarine series — it will be a headache submarine project "Borey-A" (meaning that it would be called "St. Nicholas").

— There will be an upgrade (it has already started) Distant aviation aircraft — Tu-22M3, Tu-95MS and Tu-160. The process of creating a new PAK DA (promising aviation complex distant aircraft). In 2009, research and development activities initiated by "Tupolev". In 2012, must submit a preliminary design, and the final draft in 2015, after the start of work on the construction of a pilot reference. At the 2020 trial is scheduled to start in 2025 perceive plane into service.

— On the arms of the Western military neighborhood in 2011 put the first six Su-34 bombers. At the current time there is an order for 32 Su-34, and by 2015 the number of aircraft is projected to reach 70 units. According to the Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin to 2021 will perceive adopted 120 Su-34 bombers. Delivery of these aircraft engaged in Novosibirsk Aviation Association. Chkalov.

— In 2011, was completed in 2009, signed a contract for the delivery of 12 new Su-27SM3.

— The Ulyanovsk aircraft factory "Aviastar-SP" completed the construction of the first prototype of the modernized standard deep languid MTC (military transport aircraft) IL-76. Previously, IL-76 was collected in Tashkent. Recently going to build two more aircraft for testing. Russian Defense Ministry is going under the SAP to adopt by 2020 some 10 s aircraft "product 476" (Il-476).

— In 2011, there was the public debut of a promising aviation complex of the fifth generation (PAK FA). This event happened at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky near Moscow. The first plane to take off in 2010, currently in trials involving 3 aircraft. It will be a basic fighter aircraft not only Russian Federation, and India.

— Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contract to supply 55 trainer aircraft Yak-130. They must enter the Russian Air Force until the end of 2015. A municipal programm arms of the Russian Federation for 2011-2020 provides for the purchase 65 Yak-130. The other 10 machines are likely to be purchased after 2015 and will go to the Air Force until 2017.

— Spetsstroy in Eyske is building a new military airfield, it will host a training complex thread is created to train pilots palubnikov. Plan to build an airfield in 2012, and the polygon as a whole by 2013.

— By 2011-2020, the LG of the Armed Forces are planning to 1.15 thousand helicopters. Since the beginning of 2011 (beginning November 2011) Army Air Force Russian Air Force has received more than 100 new helicopters (among them — the Mi-28N "Night Hunter", Ka-52 "Alligator", Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-8MTV5, Ka-226 , Mi-26 and "ANSAT"). Another 70 cars were refurbished and modernized.

— Successfully completed the test head multipurpose nuclear submarine "Severodvinsk", built as part of Project 885 "Ash". In 2012, it should adopt. Built in 2009 planted the second submarine project — Kazan ', just going to line up more than 5 submarines.

— There is a modernization project submarine 949A "Antaeus". At the end of November 2011 Severodvinsk "Zvezdochka» has completed repairs and modernization of the submarine K-119 "Voronezh". Began work on the K-410 "Smolensk". Submarine project "Antaeus" are going to re-equip with "granite" to "Onyx" and "gauges".

— In 2011, a contract was concluded with the French state military shipbuilding company DCNS to build a helicopter carriers "Mistral". It is planned that the first ship will rece
ive our homeland in 2014, second in 2015, and the third case the fourth ship to be built in Russia is likely to Severodvinsk "Sevmash". It seems to be bad people may feel about this project, the fact that huge amounts of money will go to France, it is better to have four 21 thousand-ton helicopter, what not to have. In addition to the ships will be built in Russia helicopter — helicopter carrier air group of 16 units (presumably — it would be 8 Ka-52K and eight Ka-29).

— In Novorossiysk is the expansion of the naval base. According to the President of the Russian Federation Grigory Spetsstroy Naginsky, as required in the 2014 Black Sea Fleet will be relocated from Sevastopol to Novorossiisk.

— After long disputes and denials, still decided that the Russian Federation will be useful in future aircraft carriers. They need to expand the zone of influence of the Russian fleet in the Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic. In the first step plan to make the two carrier battle groups — one in the Northern Fleet and one in the Pacific Fleet. New Russian nuclear aircraft carriers will be to increase their autonomy. In the current time of the Naval Fleet completes the specification for a new aircraft carrier, its primary form will be known in 2012. The final draft will be ready by 2017. According to the President of USC Roman Trocenko, if the schedule is maintained, then in 2023 the ship into the water. By this time, the process should be completed by the formation of escort groups for action in the oceans. In the grouping will include missile cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, landing ships (maybe helicopter), supply vessels, multi-purpose submarines (about 15 pennants). Already at this point is the construction of new corvettes, frigates, destroyers, ending a promising design, the work on restoration projects Russian missile cruisers. In addition, the new framework will be made to ensure, the absence of such bases in the Soviet Union led to a Hassle-wear huge ships.

— On the southern direction reinforce the Caspian Flotilla: soon she will get the rocket ship of project 11661 "Cheetah" — "Dagestan" (this is the second ship of this project in the EC — its flagship "Tatarstan"); small artillery ship "Volgodonsk" Project 21630 "Buyan . " For the Caspian Flotilla and the Black Sea Fleet in Zelenodol'sk shipyard laid three small missile ship of project 21631 (code "Buyan-M"), just plan to build five ships. CF also received mobile coastal missile system "Bal-E". DBK can destroy targets at ranges of up to 120 km at any time of the day and in all weather criteria.

— In Russia, have commissioned three types of radar "Voronezh", "Voronezh-DM" in the Krasnodar region, "Voronezh-M" in the Leningrad region, this year opened a "Voronezh-DM" in the Kaliningrad region. At the moment, are building the station "Voronezh-VP" in the Irkutsk region. In 2015, going to start upgrading the radar in the North-West Federal environment — in the Pechora (Komi Republic) and Olenegorske (Murmansk region). Radar "DTV" (Pechora) and "Dnepr" (Olenegorsk) will be modified radar "Voronezh-VP." With the consent of Baku in 2017 are going to upgrade the radar in Azerbaijan.

— In Russia, made by troops Aerospace Defense (VVKO). They comes Gallakticheskoe command, Municipal Test Cosmodrome Plesetsk, Command and missile defense (BMD division and brigade air defense).

And this is far from a complete list of positive news, which came in 2011.


— The construction of the cosmodrome "East" in the Amur region will spend 300 billion. rubles. According to the plans of Roscosmos in 2015 at the launch site will be held the first rocket launch and manned launch is planned for 2018. The project is going to build to 2015, the city of 40 million people.

— Out of 4-year construction of a new launch complex (its price is estimated at 790 million dollars) in the Guiana gallakticheskom Center (Kourou). It is located on the Atlantic coast of French Guiana, 50 km from Cayenne — the capital of the French overseas department. Since it successfully launched a Russian carrier rocket "Soyuz-ST". This modification rockets "Soyuz". From this site plan to run once per year to 4 missiles. The company Arianespace has already ordered 23 missiles in the Russian Federation.

Our homeland maintains its position in the export of modern weapons

— In 2011, for contracts entered into in the years 2009-2010 in Venezuela have put a large shipment of weapons: T-72B1 tanks, BMP-3M, BTR-80A, SAU, mortars, "Grad", anti-aircraft guns, manufacturing equipment for the production of an export version of the AK -103 etc.

— Cuba staged production line of ammunition for small arms (for production of 7.62mm ammunition standard in 1943 and 7.62 — mm rifle cartridges).

— The United States purchased for Afghanistan in the Russian Federation — 21 Mi-17 helicopter.

— The joint Russian-Indian venture "BrahMos Aerospace" put the Land waxes India cruise missile "BrahMos" "block 2" for the arms of the second regiment. These CD are able to identify and hit targets that are in multitselevoy environment (located in the middle of a group of objects). In India, in 2011, came the creation of the T-90S, it will continue in 2012-2013. With India connects a group of Russian military programs: joint development of the fighter's fifth generation, the development of military-technical cooperation MTA, adaptation cruise missile "BrahMos" on the Su-30MKI, the licensed establishment of the Su-30MKI. Our homeland is building an aircraft carrier for India, 3 frigates of the "Talwar" (two of them are planning to give the Indians in 2012). Completed tests of nuclear submarine "Nerpa" — its going to hand the Indian Navy on lease. In addition, the protocol was signed for the supply of kits to India for the licensed assembly of 42 additional Su-30MKI fighters. There is a delivery MiG-29K/KUB, the implementation of the agreement on the modernization of the MiG-29. Divide are thinking about buying from RF 2 AWACS aircraft "Falcon" on the basis of IL-76. There are other utilities that so this year the Indians acquired 80 Mi-17 helicopters.

— Our homeland supplied Kazakhstan several types of armored vehicles (BTR-82A, languid flamethrower system TOS-1 "Pinocchio"), for the first time put into service tank support combat vehicle (BMPT), "The Terminator". Negotiations on the continuation of supplies.

— The exhibition IDEX-2011 "Rosoboronexport" has signed a contract with the United Arab Emirates for 75 million dollars for the modernization of 135 BMP-3. UAE has also purchased 80-mm ammunition for the BMP-3 in the amount of 38 million dollars.

— Since Syria signed the contract for delivery of a Yak-130UBS, in addition there is a contract for delivery of 24 fighter jets MiG-29M/M2. This year, armed with the Syrian Armed Forces received two coastal missile complex "Bastion".

— Mongolia received 20 BTR-80A (the contract was signed in 2009). Negotiations on the purchase of small tools and 5 MIG-29.

— China bought a license to build Russian armored vehicles GAZ 2330 "Tiger". The contract provides for the assembly of up to 500 armored vehicles in the period 2011-2014. Beijing also acquired three Il-76 military-technical cooperation.

— Vietnam received the Su-30MK2. And is willing to enter into a contract for the supply of 2 more "Cheetah" with "anti characteristics." In addition, the Vietnamese have put two coastal missile complex with anti-ship missile "Yakhont" "Bastion".

— Bangladesh signed in 2011 a contract for the purchase of 80 armored personnel carriers 80A. Previously, the country ha
d already received these armored vehicles from Russia.

This is far from a complete list, there are other contracts that they say that the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation maintains the highest level of development, and in some areas its positions. So in 2011 the Russian military-industrial complex has strengthened its position in South America.

Industrialization -2

— At the Congress of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia", Russian Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin opened Zahav latest project of industrialization. According to him, in the coming three (!) years for the economy to invest 43 trillion. rubles. (!) This is the volume of GDP in 2010. According to Putin, to start the newest economy in 2015 to "bring the level of investment in fixed assets is actually up to 25% of GDP, and then to 30%." The amount is large — compare, for defense until 2020 to invest $ 23 trillion. rubles. This means that Russia is waiting for "Great Construction-2", and its people great work. Will be upgraded or newly created 25 million jobs. We will have to practically build the latest power, on the other in the storm of the global crisis did not survive.

Ministry of Economic Development, Vnesheconombank, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and "Business Russia" will sign an agreement to start working together to create industrial and technological clusters of massive clustering, which will give "impetus to the development of entire regions and industries, will open the way for the formation of the 10-s of thousands of workers places, will create incentives for related industries. "

According to Putin, Russia needs a "decisive tax maneuver" to deploy currency flows and investments that go into the resource sector in the area of "high-tech and manufacturing business."

Attract external investors will not work — in the United States, the EU and the world crisis, they need to rescue themselves, the powerful Russian economy they do not need. Because, as with Stalin, Our homeland will be based in the main on the internal forces. Need to "run our own, internal vkladyvatelny engine, specifically to support the manufacturing business."

— Rosatom received a puzzle in the coming years to build as many units as were created for the entire existence of the nuclear industry in the USSR.

— According to the research of the Center for Economics and Business research (Centre for Business and Economic Research, CEBR) based on disk imaging International Finance Facility, Russian Federation in 2020 will be the fourth economy in the world in terms of gross domestic product. At the current time we are in the ninth position. 1st place in the United States. Then one by one by China, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, England, Italy, our homeland, India. Troika favorites by 2020, unless there is a large disasters, will not change. The main trend — is strengthening the position of states that do not belong to the West. 5th place will be in India, the sixth — in Brazil, 7-10 — Germany, England, France, Italy. This is a very exciting outlook, since even relatively recently — 5-8 years ago it was believed that Russia can not take into account, since its population is dying, the army destroyed, the economy is weak.

Eurasian alliance. The former Soviet Union launched the true integration processes that lead to the reunification of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine (which inevitably, as if neither resisted in Kiev). Eight CIS states signed the agreement on the Eurasian free trade zone. It seems that the movement in this direction will continue to develop successfully. Clearly wanting to slow down this process will always be plenty, a strong rival to anyone on the planet is not needed. But apparently, awareness and a sense of shared interests will allow no attention given to any sample outside provoke new controversy. The end result of this movement will be the restoration of "Greater Russia" in its entirety.

Outside politics. Our home has become a more national focus foreign policy. Stood up for Syria supports it. Made a number of harsh statements about the development of the U.S. missile defense system applets, Washington intervention in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation (in connection with the parliamentary elections), etc.

Negative points system errors

— Russia and its people so far have not offered a 'way of the future. "

— The highest level of corruption, decay management body. We need tight control, strengthen punishment. The higher the position, the higher should be responsible for stealing people's money. Apparently, you need to return an exceptional measure of social protection — the death penalty. Bureaucracy needs to be "cleaned." With the increasing ability of communications, it should be sharply reduced to "optimize".

— Recent activity in the capital, have revealed a strong "fifth column", which plays against Russia on the side of the West. These people do not need a powerful Russian army, the "new industrialization", they dream of a "swamp" of the 1990s. This dilemma to be solved.

— As before, a very negative situation in education and medicine. Much work is needed to restore the Russian education on the basis of the best examples of Russian Empire and the Russian Union.

— RF need moral television, movies. Much of today's TV immerses the human mind in an inferno — hedonism, debauchery, pop, instead of high culture — degenerative substitutes. By Putin has been accessed about this, people are tired. Since December 8 film director Stanislav Govorukhin headed Putin's campaign headquarters and asked, "When the film and television graduate maim people's souls? I'm not talking about that accursed exam. " No wonder many people are actually not look TV is pumped through the web Russian films and cartoons. The specific censorship and control of the media actually important for education on the mental level of healthy babies, youth, maintaining normal "climate" in the country.

— RF to tighten immigration policy. The situation in this area does not hold water. In the past 20 years, in fact there was a process of substitution indigenous migrants.

— No coherent programs from sobering population. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, there is no place in the future, it's dope that destroys the mind, the spirit and the human body.

— No solid demographic applets designed to increase the number of indigenous people. There are only a few good points. It seems that a huge role in increasing the population of Russia has played a housing program that as part of a large demographic applets. In Russia should develop low-rise estate and landscape urbanization (see Yu Krupnova generation), for that we have all the conditions.

Clearly, this is not all negative things, a lot of them severely. You can not write a book. But without addressing these issues, sustainable majestic power can not be built.

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