Some results of the intervention in Libya

Some results of the intervention in Libya

The North Atlantic contract officially graduated from the military operation in Libya. According to the views of the Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen's "Operation Unified Protector", was "one of the most successful in the history of the alliance." Secretary General was pleased with the fact that the organization acted swiftly, "effectively with the flexibility and accuracy, with the role of numerous partners from the region and from further afield."

But in reality, The Libyan war has once again confirmed the power of helplessness, especially its European component. European countries, without the United States, as before, do not pose a significant military force. U.S. initial stage of the war cleared the "field" — suppressing air defense system, management and communication of the enemy, and then almost moved on from the surgery. After giving its NATO partners to end the war.

We have seen that NATO prefers to use the strategy of "big bully." The Union acts as a group of thugs, who skillfully selects a weak little in advance of the enemy, who will not give change. Major role in the operation plays — a psychological oppression of the enemy (info war), The enemy's will to resist breaking open before the start of the operation and, ultimately, war is transformed into a beating. Libyan administration and did not understand the fact (or not enough will) that the West can only scare the full war with strikes not only in the military, and civilian infrastructure. This error Milosevic, Saddam, Gaddafi and repeated.

Libya's armed forces were weaker than the army of Yugoslavia or Iraq, but the air operation dragged on for 7 months. Gaddafi units were even able to successfully durable enough to withstand the forces of the rebels. Hopes that the forces loyal to Colonel flee after the war did not materialize. Gaddafi managed to hide part of the technique, was used civilian cars, so do not differ from the rebels to move only when the air was not enemy aircraft successfully used a disguise. In the end, even in the defense of Sirte, the adherents of the Colonel had heavy weapons. It turned out that without a more serious intervention can not be beat. The rebels could not overcome, even in the complete domination of the forces NATO in the airspace of Libya. Because the scope of the operation have been expanded: the rebels supplied weapon, including heavy weapons, ammunition, communications, and their units were taught military advisers, military experts assisted in organizing activities; thrown into battle attack helicopters and drones, to direct them to the target began to help foreign gunners; capital managed to get by just using special forces of Qatar, the UAE, PMC soldiers, in addition, on the views of a number of professionals have been applied and special forces of France, Britain and the United States.

This confirms the world that NATO (no armies U.S. and Turkey) can not fight the highest intensity, including land deeds. European forces lack the experience, ability, even in France and England ended in a rapidly precision-guided munitions for the Air Force, had to re-buy the Yankees. European countries are lagging behind the United States in such a forward direction, as combat drones. Some countries simply can not support its own allies (because of the reluctance to wage war, or the lack of physical ability), or their role was purely symbolic.

In addition, looms another feature of the new NATO campaigns (including the future), the main focus of the war will be on a "fifth column", to support any opposition forces, from liberals and nationalists to design Islamists. Liberal ideas, nationalism, Islamism became specific to the West a kind of "rams" tools for disassembly countries. In Libya against his own country were the Liberal Democrats, the separatists Cyrenaica, the Islamists (including the "Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" — AQIM), a number of tribes who want to enhance their own status in the informal hierarchy of the country.

NATO is trying to play the role of a judge, helping "oppressed and downtrodden." In the end, there is a degradation of the country, rolling it to the level below, neofeudalism. We litsezreem that NATO is transformed into "overseer" of the New World Order, with all this losing their combat functions, the Union can "punish" the guilty, but to wage war with a serious enemy fails, at least not yet.

How not to recall Brzezinski, with his desire to drag in the "Atlantic Alliance" Russia and Turkey, Russia and the Turks would be a good "cannon fodder" in future wars.

In fact, the Union has fulfilled its task:

— Muammar Gaddafi eliminated, as well as project the Libyan Jamahiriya. The destabilization of North Africa and the Middle East continues.

— Loss of NATO military equipment are insignificant, one F-15. Loss of personnel are unknown. Officially they do not exist, although the available information about the 35 dead soldiers of British special forces. According disk imaging vice president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences of the captain of the first rank of Constantine Sivkov, the British lost in Libya 1.5-2 thousand people, the French 200-500 people, about 200 U.S. soldiers, Qatar, more than 700 people. The main loss occurred during the assault on the capital of Libya — Tripoli.

-Costs in money compared small and probably pay off the exploitation of Libyan hydrocarbons. Waste for the operation of the United States accounted for about one billion dollars in the UK — about 500 million. Other countries izderzhali even less, such as Canada izderzhala 50 million bucks. At least, it's not exactly one trillion dollars that has been spent on the war in Iraq.

— West was able to mobilize a number of Arab States (in the main it is a monarchy) against Libya. In fact, it split the Islamic world, the Western world allies and enemies. On the side of the West in the Libyan war vigorously fought the war of Qatar and the UAE. Apparently, the monarchies of the Persian Gulf will be the inventory of NATO and in the confrontation with Syria and Iran.

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